7 most hilarious Google vs. Bing memes

Which is the best fast-food outlet in the neighborhood?

What is the corporate culture of the company you got the interview call from?

What happened in the last episode of a particular television serial?

To find the answer to the above-mentioned questions and other similar queries, all you need to do is “Google” the answer. Over the last two decades, Google has established itself as the world’s best and most popular search engine, so much so, that today its name is used as a verb by most people. Everyone keeps telling their friends to “Google” a certain piece of information. Hence, it is evident that Google is incomparable to any other search engine.

However, everyone has a personal preference and some people favor Bing. Diehard Google fans often get infuriated upon its comparison with Bing search engine which was launched much later, and in their opinion, comes nowhere near the industry giant in terms of performance. Therefore, they have created some hilarious Google vs. Bing memes which we will be sharing just for the sake of enjoyment.

The above meme jokes about the practicality and usability of search results generated by both search engines. It states that in response to a query regarding burning calories, Google is likely to suggest exercise whereas Bing may propose setting ablaze the nearest fast-food outlet.

The latter is just an exaggeration and hence, not true but the visual does leave you with a smile on your face.

This is an unrealistic but hilarious meme that visually depicts the defense action of Bing users upon discovering a snake in their backyard. The image depicts that as guided by their preferred search engine; they would probably try to indulge in a risky situation whereas Google users would simply call the exterminator because they are smart enough to make the right decision.

Making the use of dark humor, this meme touches upon the sensitive issue of bullying. While emphasizing upon the fact that such experiences faced by children should be immediately reported to adults, it also takes a light-hearted approach to communicating that Bing search engine, however, would suggest extreme measures such as killing the bully.

Here is a Google vs. Bing meme that suggests two contrasting methods of earning money. Whereas Google search results are expected to present a list of jobs, the creator of this visual cracks a joke that Bing, on the other hand, might suggest criminal activities as the secret method of earning a large sum of money.

Out of all the Google vs. Bing memes, this one is not only our favorite but also the most hilarious. It is a rather savage and extreme way of expressing one’s viewpoint regarding the search results of Bing.

The meme initiates with a question asking what to do if one has more children as compared to the number of chairs available for seating them. To be honest, this seems more like a word problem straight out of a mathematics book. However, the hypothetical responses associated with Bing and Google are what make this meme funny. It suggests that whereas the former would recommend purchasing additional chairs, the latter may advise killing the rest of the children.

This is again an exaggeration on part of the content creator to add a dramatic effect and make the meme more amusing.

Divorce is often the aftermath of continuous fights between the couple. Since this is usually the last resort and both parties have made all efforts of reconciliation before taking this decision, there are high chances that the partners dislike each other to a significant extent by this point.

The above meme represents that a wise search engine like Google would present them with authentic ways of peacefully signing the divorce deed and parting ways with dignity, whereas a more immature approach of using armed weapons to attack each other would be suggested by Bing.

Only those who have watched the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt may relate to this meme. The plot revolves around girls who were trapped in an underground bunker for years. The bunker is referred to as “the hole” at various instances during the show.

The above meme cracks a joke about how Google would recommend easy and effective measures like washing hands to stay safe from coronavirus, whereas Bing would suggest dramatic and unreal options like hiding in the “hole”.

There are many other Google vs. Bing memes out there on the internet. We have selected a few of them to bring a smile to our readers’ faces. We would like to clarify that we do not intend to criticize the functionality of any search engine but just wanted to keep our readers updated with trending memes.

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