Golden Girls Costume: Best idea for Girls night out

Dressing up as famous characters is not limited to cosplays and Halloween anymore.

The pandemic has affected the people to such an extent that they have started to work on some crazy ideas to keep themselves entertained.

Like many viral challenges on social media, this one challenge of dressing up like different characters has outlived the lockdown. As the restrictions are lifted, and people are allowed to party, young adults and teens are making the most of this opportunity. Especially young girls are throwing costume parties for their friends and loved ones.

If you have watched one of the most popular sitcoms, ‘Golden Girls,’ there is no chance, you wouldn’t like this sassy and witty show. In case if you haven’t, then you must watch it.

However, we are here to share a crazy idea with you. Therefore, the next time you call your girls for a PJ Party, call them for a costume party instead. Theme this party on Golden Girls, and try to dress up like them.

If you wonder, from where in the world will you be able to bring the Golden Girls costume, fret not. We ae here to tell you the secret that will help DIY the Golden Girls costume.

How to dress up in Golden girls costume at home?

If you are a group of four girls, this dress-up idea is perfect for you then. We will tell you how to dress like the four sassy women from the Golden Girls, who also played the lead characters in the sitcom; Blanche Devereaux, Rose Nylund, Dorothy Zbornak, and Sophia Petrillo.

Blanche Devereaux Make over

If you don’t know about Blanche’s character, she was one of the most fun-loving and promising characters. Her best hobby was to enjoy Miami’s vibrant nightlife, and she never gave a damn about her age.

If you can relate to her, or you think any of your friends are perfect for this character, then here is how you can dress like her.

All you need is a bright yellow blouse and blazer along with the same color pants. Pair them up with basic brown slippers. Moreover, add gold leaf earrings, and a stone necklace. Lastly, put the final Devereaux touch with a short light brown wig.

Rose Nylund Dress up

A loving woman, who is curious and unsophisticated. All her questions got sarcastic burns, but still, her love for her roommates never lessened. If any of your friends fit the description, this amazing and curious woman’s outfit will also fit her well.

Although she is lost, she always wore neat and conventional dresses. To dress like her, get a green vintage shirtdress and pair it up with black slippers, gold button earrings, gold finger rings, and a green belt. Finalize the look with a short blond wig, and make the hair look just like Rose.

Dorothy Zbornak

Dorothy is one of the strongest characters of the show. She is fiercely protective of the ones she considers her family. Other than that, her compassionate and introspective nature wins the audience’s heart. If one of your friends also relates to this character, then do the magic, and turn her into Dorothy Zbornak for one night.

Dorothy was a tomboyish character, so you’ll need a white blouse, loose brown pants along with the loose green jacket. For footwear, opt for brown flip-flops, and put on the iconic white wig as well. As Dorothy was kind of a tomboy, she never wore many accessories. However, you can choose simple golden hoop earrings to give the final touch.

Sophia Petrillo

Sophia was a carefree character, often known for her wisecracks and brazen remarks. Her habit to put down someone was excessively prominent. However, she was still an adorable woman with both beauty and brains.

If you want to dress like her, get a short white wig along with big eyeglasses. For the accessories, wear golden button earrings. Moreover, choose a vintage red dress, and pair it up with a black and red flower scarf. Complete the look with brown sandals.

Before we conclude, these Golden Girls Costume ideas are just as crazy as they get. Do try out these ideas. We are sure you and your friends would love this.

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