Giraffe Fun Facts – How many bones are in a giraffe’s neck?

Some of you might have heard it several times – your neck is as tall as a giraffe. Well, we aren’t sure if that is a compliment or not, but that somehow leads us to today’s topic “How many bones are in a giraffe’s neck.”It is fascinating to know that a giraffe’s neck sets it apart from the other animals in the animal kingdom. You might be surprised by the fact – a giraffe doesn’t have many bones in its neck. It just has long bones as compared to the other animals.

Now you know the fact behind the neck story. But, how many bones are in a giraffe’s neck? This still needs to be answered. So, keep scrolling the following facts;

Do giraffe’s necks grow with time?

Well, a giraffe’s neck has the same amount of bones as humans, that is 7 neck vertebrae. If we talk about centimeters and inches, then it is 25.4 cm plus 10 inches long. Also, it is said, every bone in a giraffe’s neck is equivalent to a human’s foot.

All in all, their neck can grow to seven feet. Isn’t that cool?!

If we talk about the neck’s growth over time, then it is symbolized by evolution. However, many animals experience changes in the body, and so does the giraffe’s neck size. The long neck is an outcome of generation to generation continuous inheritance. Also, it depends on the environment in which they grow.

Can giraffes run for more than 30 miles every hour?

Everyone knows that giraffe’s legs are quite long. No wonder, their leg size makes them look even taller than the other animals. And due to their large legs, you might have thought that they can’t run at full speed.

But you might get shocked to know – According to per-hour estimates, giraffes can run for more than 50 kilometers or 30 miles. It is completely mind-boggling for a human mind – how can a 19 feet large and two-ton weighted animal run with such an awesome speed? Indeed, it’s a hard pill to swallow.

This surely is one of the bingo facts about giraffes!

Can a giraffe’s tall height be compared to a 2-story house?

It intrigues many people that on planet earth, giraffes are by far the tallest land mammals. On the other hand, the Blue Whale is the biggest animal to eternally live on any planet. So, currently, you can consider giraffes to be the king of the jungle when it comes to the tallest height amongst the animal kingdom.

Are giraffes killed for their fur and meat?

Many of the animals aren’t brave enough to hunt the tall heightened giraffe. But it’s miserable to know that humans kill them for their fur and meat requirements. Also, their skin is used for sports purposes.

Even though giraffe poaching is not allowed in some of the states at all. And giraffes are said to be included in the endangered species list as well. But, people continue to hunt them. However, still, some people are working to generate awareness about giraffe poaching, which you can consider as a positive effect.

Can a giraffe’s tongue be up to 20 inches large?

Have you seen giraffes eating leaves from the tallest trees? Yes. They look adorable, but here we are reminding you about the giraffe’s long neck. Giraffes know how to take advantage of their necks. They can reach the largest trees without any hurdle.

Moreover, as told earlier, their neck symbolizes their evolution over time. They have inherited traits and features from their ancestors. Hence, one of the interesting facts is its 20-inch large tongue.

Their tongue helps them reach their favorite juicy buds on trees in no time. It won’t be wrong to say that a giraffe’s tongue works as your arm or hand. Their tongue can move by passing through the branches to grasp a bundle of leaves in no time, so now you can imagine that their tongue isn’t ordinary at all. Likewise, giraffes can also hold thorny leaves from their tongue as they have the toughest tongue. 

Africans. Romans and Ancient Egyptians knew about giraffes?

Over many decades’ people have been fascinated with giraffes. They have always enjoyed the limelight, because of their giant size and tall necks. The Africans, Romans, and Ancient Egyptians have also engraved giraffes in their cultural artifacts such as paintings. In fact, in Egypt, there was a hieroglyph of a giraffe as well. All of these factors portray that giraffes have been enchanting people for a long time now.

You must have also seen giraffes in books, novels, movies, and even cartoons. They surely are no less than everyone’s favorite animal. Well, according to us all the credit goes to their innocence.

We hope that the above session about “Giraffe Fun Facts – How many bones are in a giraffe’s neck and more,” infused your knowledge about giraffes.

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