Funny things people say on Tinder: 10 strikingly hilarious tinder bios

Do you think getting a right swipe on Tinder is easy? Not when your bio cries boredom.

But you are determined to get a response on your profile. And you want the best presentation of you and your personality. Then, you have to learn funny things to say on Tinder from these funniest bios.

Intelligently Breathtaking

Who knew someone could be so skilled to take your breath away. Oh, wait a moment! She isn’t talking about skills for taking away breaths – that’s the job of her beauty. She mentions skills for restoring these breaths.

Thank God, I am safe!


Did you know that Africa’s largest grassland is named Savannah? Neither did I? But this grassland covers 40% of the whole continent.

I hope you can now stop imagining the size of this girl. She looks okay to me. (And also doesn’t have any similarity to grassland!)

Not a Doormat!

Better be safe than sorry.

No, you know people wouldn’t walk on you. You have complete confidence in your assertiveness.

And know that the person reading your bio is a normal person, not a psychopath who would love to walk on their partners.

But you still found it safe to make sure the potential matches know this.

But hey! We are only talking about his name. And he only wants to avoid confusion.

Meeting in an ICU

Oh, it got dangerously horrible all of a sudden. But don’t worry; the author isn’t really in ICU. He’s just too keen to meet new people.

Take away: His choice of words and their use earn a point. Copy them!

Avoid: Don’t die, please. This was just an expression.

And yeah don’t expect him to meet you lying in an ICU bed. Don’t look for him. He isn’t there.  

Who is in for the Challenge?

Make it funny. Make it desperate. Or make it pompous and arrogant.

Everything is fair in love and fun.

This girl knows her worth and she isn’t afraid to ask for only the right mate. But she adds a touch of humor in the way she discusses her eligibility.

Now, only those people who know they are the right fit will contact her. Still, the bio has left room for other less-than-perfect candidates to hit the message button by intriguing their interest and curiosity. So, if you’re going to use this psychology trick, know that it can backfire. 

Proceed at your own risk.

Something random

When you are writing your bio, you want to tell more about yourself. But sometimes, changing the topic is the best thing that tells a lot about yourself.

His bio is a great example of funny things to say on Tinder even when you have nothing to be humorous about.

This not-so-self-centered guy, for example, talks about race. If you are a big proponent of White supremacy, you can just left swipe the profile. For others, this guy is the perfect fun-loving partner with an added advantage of Asian brain and intelligence.

Emphasis on the right quality

This author claims that his superpower is his humility. Then, he stands up to his claim.

Here, his trick is to humorously mention his singlehood. But even that is done without forgoing modesty.

And see, he also emphasized his profession which is medical practice.

The guy is destined to get his best match unless he is a superhero from MCU.

Be saf

I promise this bio is different and part of our list of “funny things to say on Tinder bio.”

Unlike the previous bio where the author wanted to save himself, this one focuses on the safety of a potential match.

The girl is not going to be a damsel in distress and you are not going to be her knight in shining armor. But if you have any wrong intentions, she is ready to use her (um!) hidden weapon – her knife.

That leaves us to wonder about the potential of this bio to earn right swipe!

Well, we cannot say anything for sure seeing human psychology is more complex than we give it credit for.

A pinch of honesty

These funny things to say on Tinder tell us that sometimes, you also have to be honest. And at other times, lying makes the best policy. We can never guess the policy this guy is using but he surely knows the people he wants to attract.

So, if you are a bad girl who is interested in a good guy – this bio will attract you. But don’t rely too much on it because – after all – he could be using the policy of ‘dis’-honesty.

Introvert ahead!

If you think Tinder is for extroverts and most outgoing people, you should look at this bio. The author makes jokes about his introvert personality in the funniest manner.

A bit exaggerated and a bit relaxed yet tensed, this bio allows readers know the person they are approaching.

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