Funny text replacements: A collection of screenshots that will make you laugh like crazy

When someone gets hold of our smartphone, we hurriedly attempt to snatch it back. Amongst the many fears we have is them posting something embarrassing from our social media account, or having a sneak peek at our photographs.

Rarely does this thought occur to us that they may tamper with our phone’s settings to incorporate funny text replacements. Sending someone a message without realizing that the word you typed has been automatically replaced by another term can surely be embarrassing and hilarious at the same time. 

Below are some examples of how people pranked their parents by altering their phone’s message settings.

It is no surprise that almost everyone’s parents struggle to adapt to new technology. Given the fact that there has been a digital revolution somewhere between their era and ours, it is quite understandable.

While helping them out with the use of gadgets, some children wittingly trick their parents to have a good laugh over the confused expressions that follow.

The above screenshot represents how a daughter changed the settings in her mom’s mobile phone such that every time the word “hello” was typed, it was replaced by “puppies”. What followed was a hilarious message sent by the mother to the very same daughter.

Thus, the next time you receive an incomprehensible text from your mom, don’t go crazy trying to figure out its meaning, rather consider the possibility that someone might have altered her smartphone’s settings.

Poor mothers seem to be an easy target of text replacement pranks. While we all get entertained by the above screenshots, we must promise ourselves to ensure that we help our parents out with advancement in the digital world, just like they have helped us in all walks of life.

The prey of this particular prank is so innocent that she even asks her daughter to type “LOL” on her phone and see it converting to the word “twinkies” automatically.

This mom is struggling to prove her point, completely unaware of the fact that different settings result in such replacements, and it is not an in-built feature common to all mobile phones. Furthermore, she seems to be completely ignorant of the fact that it is her daughter who has caused her trouble in the first place.

Nonetheless, this is a very cute example of a funny text replacement.

If you are constantly receiving text messages stating “Joe Biden” from an acquaintance, it might be because their kids have replaced a certain word with the President’s name in their smartphone.

If someone replies to your text message with “moo”, “meow” or “woof”, don’t be startled. The above screenshot will help you understand what might have been the cause of these weird responses.

If your mom repeatedly keeps telling you to clean or organize your room, and you want to get even with her for that scolding you got in front of your friends, this example presents a perfect solution.

Sometimes what we expect from others is a simple “yes” or “no” response, but what we get are detailed explanations and unwanted background stories. That’s still acceptable but receiving the entire Gettysburg Address in a text message would be enough reason to build up one’s anger.

Now imagine you were the reason your mom ended up sending such a text to someone when she meant to type “yeah”. What do you think would have been her course of action upon finding out the truth?

We wonder if Caroline who played this prank at her mom, weighed the pros and cons before indulging in this act of mischief and whether her mom ever found out about the culprit.

When teenagers blurt out slang language and abusive words, most people do not pay much heed to them. However, if a mother who generally strives to discipline her offspring, sends a text message calling the recipient “bitch”, people may find it a bit awkward. The recipient is more likely to be surprised if the sender usually does not make use of such a tone or the relationship between the two is very formal.

 However, such a message might not be consciously sent and the sender might even be unaware of the changed autocorrect settings that are a result of trusting their children with using their phone.

If you get a text saying “chicken nuggets” from your mom, your mouth might water at the assumption that she is inviting you over to enjoy some scrumptious snacks.

However, your excitement might die down the very next moment when you realize that you were the one who changed her phone’s autocorrect settings to that particular term. Hence, no chicken nuggets for you!

Perhaps it is rightly said, as you sow, so shall you reap.

In all of the screenshots we reviewed up till now, the prey of text replacement pranks have been mothers, but below is one example where the father was targeted.

We wonder if this dad ever found out why his cell phone was automatically replacing the word “kewl” with “farts”. It wasn’t his smartphone having a bout of flatulence, but the consequences of his child’s mischief that he seemed to be unaware of.

There are countless other examples of funny text replacements. These were just a few that we could compile. Did they make you recall any hilarious incidents brought about by autocorrect or auto-replacement feature in your phone?

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