Funny pie charts depicting amusing content

Whenever someone mentions pie charts, the first thought that comes to our mind is a representation of a large amount of boring data or even worse, a reminder of the much-despised mathematics classes from our school days. However, you may be surprised to come across some extremely funny pie charts that represent hilarious information.

Have a look at some of the unique pie charts listed below and learn how graphs do not essentially need to be boring.

Isn’t it true that we are all irritated by the repeated notifications that appear on our screens? If these notifications tell us to update some of the applications on our gadgets, most of us perform that action even if we do not need to use the improved version. We do this, just to get rid of the constant reminders that constantly disturb us during our routine tasks.

Someone depicted this reality via a pie chart. We must admit this is a rather unique way to represent a reality that we can all relate to.=

When planning a movie night with friends, it is a ritual to argue and fight over the title that should be watched. The situation is no different before a Netflix party. Considering how we all face almost a similar situation before deciding on the selection of movies, this funny pie chart is likely to make everyone smile.

It is no secret how young boys and girls adore popular superstars to the extent of being obsessed with them. Each famous figure is the crush of a large number of teenagers. Whereas some keep their affirmation of liking these celebrities to their group of friends, others like to live in an imaginary world fantasizing that their crush likes them back.

One girl declared this self-proclaimed truth via the above pie chart.

Everyone who has attempted cooking for the first time has definitely burned food during their trial period. Sometimes the food is burnt to ashes, thus leaving it inedible. In other instances, there is just too much smoke in the kitchen. Both these situations cause the fire alarm to ring.

Consequently, someone created a meme stating that the actual purpose of smoke detectors is to warn about pathetic cooking skills rather than the fire.

The most important task to be performed while waiting for your toast to pop up from the toaster is to stare at it. We wonder why would anyone even think of getting butter and utensils during that time. That’s supposed to be done after the toast is ready.

This funny pie chart takes a sarcastic approach to discuss the dual standards adopted by most women’s magazines. On one hand, they publish articles telling readers to be comfortable in their skin while on the other hand, they advertise weight-loss products encouraging females to adopt unhealthy ways to shed their weight.

Such ambiguous standards should surely be questioned.

No comments. That’s all we can say after viewing this funny pie chart. We’ve all been there and done that.

what do you when so when people sing happy birthday to you 2

This has to be one of the funniest pie charts ever because it accurately depicts the reaction of almost every individual. It is true that we all go completely blank when surrounded by a crowd singing the “happy birthday” song for us at the top of their voice.

When in doubt regarding the spelling of any word, our spontaneous reaction is to use Google for the confirmation. This visual representation depicts the different uses of Google. It also hints that Google’s use as a search engine is secondary, the primary one being as a spell-checker. This is being said as a joke given how the majority of us tend to use it.

If you have ever worked as a retail employee, you can relate to customers’ unrealistic demands, tantrums, and adamant attitudes. It seems like the funny pie chart presented above has been created by one such employee who faced all this and had no other means of expressing his frustration.

There have been such drastic changes in the last decade that it all seems like a dream. Still, it sounds hilarious when 90’s kids tell their younger siblings how things were so different in their time. Though this is true, it gives more like a grandparents’ vibe.

We hope you like our collection of funny pie charts.

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