Interesting memes that people who own Cats can relate to

If you are a cat person, then there is no way you have not smiled at every cat meme you came across on social media. For someone who loves pets, the relationship with these furry friends is parallel to that with a human best friend who annoys us to the core, fights with us over petty matters to the extent that we claim we are never seeing them again, embarrass us in public with their mood swings and foolish acts; but we cannot spare a day without seeing them or talking to them.

To cherish your love for these bundles of cuteness, we are sharing with you some interesting cat memes that made us smile. We hope you like them as well.

If your Cat is a foodie

If your cat loves sneaking to the kitchen and sharing (or even stealing) your food shamelessly, then this one is for you.

When your Cat is attracted to shiny objects

Some of us have cats that love examining every shiny object they come across. Obviously, the examination requires them to break the item for a detailed inspection. 

One can never have too many Cats

If your family is tired of accommodating your cats saying their number exceeds that of your family members, but you think every cat deserves a home, then you will surely be able to relate to this meme.

The wake-up call

How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night or from a much-needed day-time nap to the constant meowing of your cat? Perhaps, you wake up to the loud noises caused by them moving around and hitting their food containers or other household items, only to find out they felt like doing so for no apparent reason other than gaining attention.

I don`t like things lying organized

Since knocking over items from shelves and tables turn out to be a hunting practice for cats, be prepared that some will UN-tidy up the house or room if you are planning to get a cat.

Tip: Buy them some cat toys to keep them engaged. They might leave your stuff alone if they have enough of their own, but there are no guarantees!

When you have a grumpy Cat

If pictures of happy, well-behaved cats on the internet make you fall in love with them, think again. Behind every video, there’s a lot of mess which obviously you can’t see. But cats do love showing attitude and if yours do the same, then this cat meme is definitely for you. 

I want things done my way. Any problem?

A cat meme for pet owners who have moody cats. Doesn`t it perfectly depict the stubbornness your cat shows when restricted from an act it was planning to carry out?

I`m in trouble

Does your cat like playing with random household items till it get stuck or trapped in them and call you for assistance? Do you help them immediately or imitate your parents by saying:

“See, I told you not to do this!”

No, I won`t walk straight!

The cat Vs. dog Meme

Those of you who have owned a cat AND a dog, either simultaneously or at different points in time can surely relate to this meme. While most dogs tend to show remorse or guilt upon being scolded, cats usually show indifference or aggressiveness and stubbornness. This is mainly because dogs are pack members and they see their owner as a leader or figure of authority, whereas cats are solitary hunters and independent creatures by nature.

Even though these cat memes had a pinch of humor, we are sure the pet owners will be able to vouch for their credibility with respect to the general behavior of cats!

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