Funny Canada memes that are bound to make you smile

In today’s digitally connected world, memes have become an important source of entertainment. Not only these often humorous, and sometimes taunting, digitized jokes are created to target others, but people enjoy them so much that memes have even been created by students for their own institutions, by professionals for their own organizations, and by nationals for their own countries.

This means that memes are not just meant to ridicule others, but are also a medium to embrace one’s unique attributes, accept personal flaws, and laugh at one’s own self.

Some funny Canada memes have been circulating on the internet. These were either created by Canadian nationals or their friends who chuckled at their distinctive lifestyle and were impressed by their friendly nature.

We will be sharing some of these funny Canada memes to bring a smile on our readers’ faces.

Parking in the snow

The extremity of Canadian winters is no secret. It is one of the coldest countries of the world. Even though it is not easy to continue with daily routine under such harsh weather conditions, most Canadians try to find an element of fun in everything.

The above meme was created and shared by an individual whose aim was to depict how difficult it is to drive and park a vehicle amidst the snow.

Though we are pretty sure the OP didn’t actually park their car on a heap of snow, we really admire their instinct to enjoy the weather rather than being grumpy about it.

Apologizing too much

Canadians are generally very caring people. They don’t hurt others’ feelings. If you come across any Canadian, you would find them repeatedly saying “sorry” for minor inconveniences that other nationals may not even pay any heed to.

To joke about their overly apologetic nature, someone created a meme where the license plate of a Canadian car has the word “sorry” imprinted on it rather than its registration number. This is definitely a funny Canadian meme that even the nationals would find amusing.

Exit closed, you`re trapped now!

The meme above makes fun of the weather conditions by portraying an additional door made of snow at the home’s exit. A cat who wanted to go out is shown helplessly staring at the “snow door”. The situation reflects how all plans of heading out can be cancelled at the last minute due to blocked routes and heavy snowfall, if you reside in Canada.

The Comparison

England is known for its excessive rainfall whereas Canada is famous for heavy snow. The residents of both countries struggle to cope up with weather conditions to carry on with their errands.

This meme is a light-hearted attempt to portray how life in Canada is more difficult as compared to that in Britain.

Punish yourself

As mentioned before, Canadians are extremely polite people. They feel deep remorse and guilt if they fail to perform a courteous act even by mistake.

This funny Canada meme portrays the nationals’ over-thinking and repentance merely for forgetting to hold the door open for the person behind them. The hilarious element is how the meme compares the regret with burying one’s face in a military tank (used to attack enemies during war) as a punishment for the failure to act polite.

Why makes the effort?

If you happen to find yourself in a recurring situation, would you make the effort to eliminate its effects?

At least, we wouldn’t.

Maybe that’s what one of the Canadian nationals felt like when (s)he created the above meme. In view of the consecutive snowfall, cleaning one’s car is of no use since it turns out to be in exactly the same condition the next morning. This is definitely tiring as well as irritating for the car owners. Therefore, someone created the above meme suggesting they only clean certain spots like those on the windshield, around the wipers and headlights – basically only as much as is extremely essential to be able to drive.

Obviously, this is not workable and would be more like inviting an accident with open arms, given the already foggy and snow-covered routes.

However, the way this car is presented in the above picture makes this funny Canada meme quite amusing. The snow is partially removed and the remaining pile looks like a smiley face.

Also, most Canadians would be able to relate to the underlying idea behind this meme.

The love for hockey!

Canadians’ craze for the game of ice hockey is well-known around the world. Otherwise, one of the most polite, friendly and courteous nations, hockey matches have known to be marred by fights and at times even required police interventions in Canada. Fans of the losing team usually fail to control their emotions, and tend to engage in fights to let out their frustration.

A funny Canada meme portrays the nation’s love for hockey. The message is clear that residents of Canada are allowed to marry and bring people of any nationality to their country, their spouses will be warmly welcomed. However, there is only one condition that needs to be met and that is: those coming in would need to love the sport of hockey as deeply as the residents.

Setting Priorities

This is another meme conveying that if there is a hockey match in Canada, students would bunk their most important classes to view the game.

In view of the last two memes, we must say that if you are on a visit to Canada, or planning a trip soon, make sure you do not pass any random statements related to ice hockey or else, you would be solely responsible for consequences. Unless, of course you share an equal fondness for the game, and are aware of all the rules and technicalities involved.

Numerous other memes about Canada can be found on the internet. We have shared just a few of them for the purpose of amusement. In no way, our intentions were to hurt or pinpoint anyone. We hope that you enjoyed these funny Canada memes celebrating the friendly nature of the Canadian people, the country’s extreme weather conditions, and their love for hockey.

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