Funny bunny memes that will certainly make you laugh

When life gives you bunnies, turn them into memes

People always find reasons to laugh when they want to escape from the hustle bustle of life. Are you one of them who likes to explore memes whenever you feel down or exhausted?

We have listed some of the hilarious bunny memes that will surely brighten up your day and revitalize you. You may know how funny these bunnies can be from their goofy expression to those big bear eyes, so get ready to have today’s dose of laughter with these amazing and punny bunny memes.

45 Most Hilarious Bunny Memes

The candid pose

It happened to all of us. Someone please tell him how to click photographs by the way.

 Sleeping Beauty

When you cannot handle your beauty enough and you end up like this.

 Important meal

No one likes a cart full of celery and veg, unless you’re a bunny.

 The purpose of meet ups

When your friends surround you in a gathering and you just want to hear each and every detail.

 A perfect model

Are you looking for a breakthrough in your career? We suggest you add some artworks like this to your portfolio.

 A hungry rabbit

Rabbits love food. They munch almost everything they see. Why not put them on a sea-food diet.

 Always hungry

Would you mind having another round of breakfast?

Morning wishes

We all have some secret wishes that we tell only to God. What did you wish for today

No joke

Making some evil plans with your crime partner? What about having a detailed conversation first?

 I haven’t done it yet

Bunnies love cuddling, rubbing, and patting. Just like a young toddler. They can’t let you go easily.

 Friendship goals

Not everything needs explanation. We can’t control everything.

 Carrots every now and then

Rabbits and munching always go together even if it’s a cute little bunny.

We love bunny

Coz we all end up having a cute little bunny, right?

 How can someone deny it?

Look at these cute little eyes, would you ever dare to say no to him?

 No escaping from cuteness

That’s for sure a true thing.

 There are more to come little bunny

It’s not good to watch cartoons every time, bunny.

 It was so sudden

Silly things are meant to be done when you have pets like these. But you can’t be mad at them because they are so cute.

 Needs attention

They just need to play with you all the time.

Bunny at the gym

And sometimes they just want to mimic their humans. Be sure to keep them out of your kitchen.

 That one cheesy friend

Friendship doesn’t mean you can have everything with your friend, including space!!

 Hopeless bunny

It was not easy to keep up with life. But the bunny has had enough, what do you think?

Bunny fu

Whenever you meet your friend, it’s a must thing to do.

 Patting again

No need to worry when you have a caring partner. Everything will be alright.

Classic bunny ears

What if someone keeps things behind you?

 Cuteness overloaded

When you look with your cute eyes like these, you can have everything you want.

 Vehicle fixed!

Some pet animals can really come in handy. Not at all, never try this at any cost.

 Do you love them too?

Too much cuteness in a single picture.

 Forget about the past bunny

It’s time to say goodbye.

 It’s hard to resist

Resisting becomes pointless sometimes when you are confronting your cutest friend.

Guess the real one

Something is not right here. Can you spot the difference?

 Rabbits are the strongest pet

Keep going little bunny, you can do it.

 Pets are loveable indeed

They are the sweetest pet with big ears.

 Finishing off with a to-do list

Keeping a pet is not an easy job. They don’t have a particular sleeping time.

 Always have room for everything

Can someone really be that hungry?

 Now you have to answer

Here comes Mama Bunny. Don’t ever lie to her.

 Chubby cheeks

Ever saw cheeks like those? We bet you haven’t. 

 Its washing time

Oops. Look what she made him do.

 Puffy eyes again

You know how much pets love to mess up with things. Especially with household accessories.

Expressions on the go

Some emoticons are never understandable. They really have a complex attitude sometimes.

Intelligent bunny

Let him try solving your physics problem. After all, he’s one of the quickest pets.

 Choose the right answer

We bet you can’t get it wrong.

 Doorbell or fridge?

The speed should be monitored every time.

 Save your life bunny

We told you they mimic humans so nicely.

 It’s Monday again

Even bunnies don’t like Mondays.

  Suspicious package

Were you expecting treats in it?

How was the treat guys? We know you loved the bunny memes, because who doesn’t. Sometimes it’s just a need of the day to keep your mood bright and get relaxed after your long tiring day. Keep exploring the page to read more funny and interesting blogs that will surely give you a healthy break from your hectic routine. Until next time, keep reading and laughing.

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