7 funniest bathroom pranks you can play to tease your friends

The only time one rushes to the washroom is not only when they have a bathroom emergency. A washroom is a safe place for crying your heart out, smoking cigarettes in private, and other such activities. Therefore, as gross as it may sound, it would not be wrong to say that a washroom holds significant importance in our daily lives.

Our close friends often pull off pranks that are bound to leave us either infuriated or laughing hysterically within the lavatory. Here are some of the funniest bathroom pranks that you can play with your buddies to get even.

 Who wouldn’t be grossed out by a greasy toilet seat? What if it is also slightly adhesive?

The greasy toilet seat

The next time you have such an experience, do consider the possibility that someone might have applied a layer of Vaseline on the seat. If you are wondering why anyone would do that, the answer is:

To freak you out!

The prohibited mirror

We all like to take a glance at ourselves in the bathroom mirror. Whether we need a quick touch-up, want to fix our hair, the mirror is essential.

Sometimes you might be disappointed because the mirror may either be damaged or absent. However, it is even more irritating when the mirror is present BUT its usability has been restricted by obstructing the view.

How would you feel at coming across such a sight in the bathroom?

Spider on the toilet roll

The next time you hear someone screaming like maniacs from within the bathroom, the only possible reason may not be that they fell down or got hurt. It might also be because they saw a spider crawling on the toilet roll, though it does not have to be a real one.

One of the funniest bathroom pranks to play at someone would be using a black pointer to draw a creepy-crawly creature on the white tissue roll. You would laugh your heads off when someone goes to the bathroom and returns petrified.

The “dead body prank”

Imagine entering the bathroom and witnessing the sight of blood dripping down the walls and into the bathtub.

We bet even the most fearless individual would jump in horror at such a view. The first thought that is likely to come to one’s mind is that there is a dead body in the bathtub.

Even the imagination of such a thought is enough to run a shiver down one`s spine.

Again, you would be enraged as well as relieved to find out that it was a prank meant to scare you.

The scenario can easily be recreated by using red ink if you are looking forward to an escapade that involves frightening your friends with this planted drama.

Who’s that?

There is usually a small space left open above the partitions dividing toilets in a public washroom. It’s a fact that those spaces make all of us feel uncomfortable.

Now imagine you see a human skull peeking at you from that gap.

If that’s the horror you want your friends to go through, place a mannequin head at one of those walls before they go in. Though this one might be a bit difficult to pull off, but it would surely be one of the funniest bathroom pranks to witness.

Threatening message on the wall

Imagine walking into the bathroom and finding a message written on its wall that tells you to run for your life.

You would definitely rush out, regardless of how much you need to stay there – only to find out it was a prank by someone.

The air horn toilet seat

If the toilet seat starts generating weird, unexplained noises as soon as someone occupies it, the person is bound to get confused. However, s/he would most likely roll in fits of laughter upon finding an air horn attached to the toilet seat.

This is not only a hilarious, but also a light-hearted prank that one may even play at a teenager without the fear of them getting psychologically impacted.

We hope you found this collection of funny bathroom pranks amusing. Being aware of them would surely aid you the next time you are a target to any such scheme.

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