Dog food delivery services: A revolution that will make taking care of your lovable pets easier

With a cute, little dog, comes great responsibilities. You need to be considerate what you feed your dog, what it needs, and how to take care of it. Dogs are surely lovable and do deserve a special treatment, especially for their cuteness, right? Plus, all the dog lovers out there must be aware that dog food is quite pricey. And as dogs have healthy cravings, you are required to buy fresh food regularly. However, if you are looking for inexpensive dog food that is easy and convenient to buy, then you should definitely consider fresh dog food deliveryservices.

Just like we can order our food online from our favorite restaurant without any hassle, you can also get your dog food delivered to your doorstep without stepping out of your home. Fresh dog food delivery companies are a valuable addition that is something we never knew were essential. Just a simple Google search would turn up a lot of services that would make ordering food for your pet simpler and easier. But just like every online business, you need to be mindful about where you are ordering from. To make your life easier, we have listed down the best fresh dog food delivery services, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Chewy is an online platform that brings everything you love about your preferred pet store under one roof where you can find almost every brand of dog food – and the best part is you can order all that online.

The price range of Chewy depends on the kind of food you are shopping for, including the quantity and the brand. Nevertheless, no matter if you are ordering the utmost budget-friendly premium wet food or dry kibble, you will still save some bucks. Moreover, if you are a Chewy user, then you can get 5-10 percent off on selected brands, especially whenever you choose automatic shipment option.


If you want to change your dog’s diet plan and wish to serve fresher and healthier meals, NomNom is a good option. It offers meals that are somewhat like homemade dog food and you can easily get it delivered to your home. Each delivery consists of advance-portioned food of pets from fresh ingredients. The meals are customized according to your dog’s weight, age, and size. Owners of dogs can select from 4 tasty treats, nutritional supplements, and fresh recipes.

NomNom provides you with various plans. For instance, you can order a week’s dog food or for an entire month – it all comes down to your and your pet’s preferences. But do bear in mind that you have to set aside somewhere between $100 to $350 if you want to select the monthly meal delivery option.


Ollie is a great fresh dog food deliveryservice that provides the best deals for your dog’s food. This online service makes sure that the nutritional requirements of your dog can be met easily. This company provides a personalized diet that consists of a recommended portion after obtaining key information from you like your dog’s breed, weight, age, and other details. Most dog food is formulated with food-grade ingredients that includes fine vegetables and meats.

Ollie is perceived as one of the most budget-friendly choices when it is about ready-to-eat and fresh meals for dogs. You can select monthly or bi-weekly shipment options which can roughly cost around $9 to $42. Single meal servings cost roughly $6.

The Farmer’s Dog

Are you looking forward to improving your dog’s food without spending too much? If yes, then The Farmer’s Dog is a terrific option.

This fresh dog food deliveryservice offers healthy and affordable food with the topping of additional convenience. The company develops a personalized diet for your pet depending on their ideal weight, activity level, breed, and any digestible sensitivities. The Farmer’s Dog provides ready-to-serve food for your dog, while it makes sure that the service is delivered on time to its customers as well.

You can opt for deliveries every two-week or according to your preference. You can also book their services for up to 12 weeks. Moreover, pricing depends on the type of food your dog requires.

Spot & Tango

At first sight, Spot & Tango appears just like regular dog food service – you enter your dog’s particular information and get a ready-made meal outline. The distinctive thing about Spot & Tango is that it provides an option amongst fresh dog food and something that the company labels as UnKibble – food that is freshly dried, and formulated with human-grade and fresh ingredients.

For a dog of 60 pounds, the fresh dog food would cost you around $4.05 per meal and $2.29 per meal for the Unkibble. The price moves up a bit on the basis of the kind of protein you select.

Now you better opt for a fresh dog food delivery service

After reading the above recommendations for a fresh dog food deliveryservice, we hope that you are going to shop online straight away. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a delivery service online that suits your needs. You can thank us later for saving you from the hustles of visiting stores.

Best of luck with a unique shopping experience!

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