Collection of four lokos meme that went viral

Can you tell exactly how mature you are in terms of the number of days? No, right? four lokos Seltzer will tell you that! But how? Count the number of days since you last drank, and you will know how mature you are.

About a decade ago, four lokos had created the crowd culture through a funny four lokos meme about its drink. Loaded with alcohol and high caffeine levels this drink is nothing but a poison. Back in its time, a lot of parties turned into a hell hole just after somebody showed up with a few cans of four lokos wrapped in paper.

Back in August 2019 after a long waiting period the brand finally announced its very own new hard seltzer by sharing a post that took over social media. This internet frenzy seemed like a lot of people were going to hit the reset button and go back to their childhood drink.

However, in the beginning, people were unable to understand if it was a joke or if four lokos are back. The announcement post of the drink was enough to burn its competitors into ashes. The can of the drink was surrounded by the crushed cans of its competitor’s drinks and showed their names as well like White Claw, Truly and Natty light, all crumbled up in the background. 

So, here are the top funny Four lokos memes that took over the internet by storm!

Heard you all wanted to die:

This meme was posted on Aug 14, 2019, on Twitter from Washington DC, by a profile named blue lives ugly. The meme was like:

Well, the meme sounds creepy now!

My reaction to the new Four lokos drink:

It was a tik-tok of a girl reacting surprisingly on the arrival of the new Four lokos. It was posted on Twitter by an account named Allison on August 14, 2019, with the caption saying her reaction when four lokos announced hard seltzer with FOURTEEN PERCENT alcohol.  Maybe the lady was too surprised with the presence of this amount of alcohol in the drink.

Memory Flashback

On August 14, from Brooklyn, NY an account named Topshelf Tyson posted a meme on Twitter saying if you drink the new four lokos seltzer, all your memories will come rushing back which were wiped by drinking the original one. Besides, what does that mean? Does the original one wipe your memories?

White Claw v/s Four lokos Seltzer:

This meme was a collage of 2 pictures of the same person, the one showing him smiling after drinking White Claw while in the second picture his face seems like he had a hangover last night after drinking four lokos. 

50% chance you can die:

Jill Hurley posted a meme on Twitter in which all the rivals of four lokos were mocking each other. From the meme, it seems like Four lokos with its 14% alcohol content has won the debate. Unfortunately, which means, 50% more chances to die.

Get reunited with your ex by drinking Four lokos:

Clare named profile on Twitter posted a meme saying just 3 sips of four lokos and she is sure that she will be back with her ex. But what if her ex doesn’t drink it. We are not sure then he would want the same.

How the first sip of four lokos greets my organs:

There was a meme on Twitter with a picture of a boy who does not seem well and the caption saying this is what the first swing of four lokos does to his organs. Okay, after reading this one, we are not sure if we will be ever trying this drink.

These are the top 7 four lokos memes that hit the internet and went viral. Though, the original drink of four lokos is not as hard as it seems to be in the memes and does not have a strange sour raspberry flavor as well. But the cans available have 12% alcohol content which is quite above the market average I.e., hardly more than 5%. In either case, it does not seem like the brand had to invest a lot of money in promoting their new drink because we did it for them already.

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