Fashion changeover: Tom ballet flats discontinued

Previously having pitched in massive sales and minting in great revenues on its flat canvas footwear collection, we’ve lately seen Tom ballet flats discontinued in stock in the brands’ chain of outlets.

Why are the Tom ballet flats discontinued? 

For customers who have for years loved to reshuffle their summer fashion wardrobes with Toms sassy flat footwear assortment, this certainly is a million-dollar question. The reason could be anything ranging from customer dissatisfaction to influx of new trends and designs that may have superseded old stock of styles.

However, let’s not keep guessing, the discontinuation of the flat wear comes as a result of the sudden shift in the manufacturing decision made by the brand to halt further production of any other new edition of the series.

Most probably we are seeing the circulation and sales of the last stock of the brands’ plane footwear.

So, if you’re a diehard fan of the brand’s canvas styles, get your hands on them before the final stock runs out!

What’s New?

A changeover is pretty much an inevitable phenomenon when it comes to the practice of fashion trends.

Just till last year, the feedback on Toms flats pitched in loads and loads of admiration for its diverse range of flat soles showcasing immense variability in materials and prints comprising: suede embossed animal prints, textured fabrics, metallic surfaces, and many more. 

But now that we see Tom’s ballet flats discontinued, what’s to expect in exchange? Well, the brand has inclined towards manufacturing the wedge styles instead. Yes, that’s right.

Toms Collection of Wedge Style Shoes

The new style drift pursued by Toms extends an assortment of the thick-soled wedges available in the open & closed-toe cut variations to cater to all seasonal needs.

Get hold of some of the new variety up for grabs from the new range of shoes.

Suede Wedge Heels for Women

Women’s desert-styled cross laced suede wedged heels by Toms come in soft, durable fabric material and rubber heels to allow maximum comfort for the foot even during extended hours of walk. Easy cleaning, washing, and maintenance.

Ankle Strap Wedge Sandal

Toms Wedge Ankle Strap Sandal is a chic and sassy open-toe design with black leather & suede material upper part, an ankle strap, loop closings, textured base material with rubber soles giving the perfect grip.

Sling-Back Printed Wedge Sandals for Women

These sling-back wedge sandals offer you not only the comfort of footwear but immense creativity with their vibrant mid fabric print material supported by a thick artificial braided jute midsole. An ideal choice for your summer walks down the lane.

Black & White Cork Heel Wedges

These black and white cork wedge shoes by Toms will impress you by the evergreen color contrast featuring an enriched woven cross-over design giving textured impact, also featuring a cork wedge material thick heel and an ankle buckle for comfortable support.

Open Style Black Basket Weave Dress Sandal

Toms open style Black Fabric Wedge Sandals give away a creative flaunt of a lovely patterned & intricate basket weave top front design, contrasting textured fabric body & a distinct rubber sole to allow comfort walk with creativeness.

Animal Print Peep Toe Wedge Pumps

The animal print peep toe wedge pump style is simply great for the summer’s needs.  It has an easy-going inner material body that gives comfort to the feet, and a soft rubber sole that is slip-free and gives good frictional support during long hours of walk.

Toms Willow Wedge for Women

This edition of the Women’s Willow Wedge elevates your look of elegance with its soft and rich textile synthetic line fabric. The open sandal style wedge design features an adjustable metallic buckle and an ankle strap for full support and easy carriage.

Toms Election Collection

An adorably strapped open sandal design from the Toms Election Collection comes with an accessorized addition of animal charmers dangling from the metal buckle to give you that extra sassy look. A great combo of shades to enliven your appearance while giving you an extra soft base and sole for easy treading.

Multicolor Printed Open Toe Wedge Shoes

Women’s multi-colored open-heel wedge shoe designs surely offer you a lively deal for your summer look. Featuring a multi-colored print texture pattern up top and a woven sack base heel, it gives the perfect lift of style to your personality. Slim rubber soles provide good foot grip.

Women’s Block WedgeHeel Sandal

The ideal summer sandal block heel style in the Toms wedge series gives you a sophisticated contrast of cowboy leather and suede shades that fit perfectly with all pigments of attires. The thick block heel provides full-body support facilitating better and managed mobility.

Open-Toe Harper Wedge Sandals for Children

Beautifully designed vegan-friendly soft fabric & mellow toned harper sandals. Embellished in a meek-hued soft jeans top with rope-wrapped midsoles and rubber out-soles, these lightweight wedges are the perfect pair-up for your child’s active summer routine.

Close-Toe Women’s Loafer Block Heel Wedge Sandals

Indeed sophisticated and stylish, these closed-toe loafer block heels are great for all formal and semi-formal needs. Featuring suede fabric top front and print leather ankle wrap with block heels and a rubber sole, you will simply love to walk an extra mile in these.

Though the news of Toms ballet flats discontinued collection is sad news for many valued customers, yet we don’t regret what we’ve got in exchange. Dishing out all the same textures, prints, and materials in a varied and uplifting manner with a good combo of sole and heel drapery, surely it hasn’t done much harm, but yes we will surely miss the flat wear which was simply a must-have for summers when wanting to pair up something sassy and classy with the casual jeanswear and laid getups.

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