7 horror stories of emergency rooms confessed by the staff!

Very few people have good memories associated with hospitals may be because of their child’s birth or some closed one’s recovery reminds them of good times. But it is not always the case for everyone. For some people only the name of hospitals makes their skin crawl.

Talking of the hospitals, emergency rooms are no less scary. People die here and there is no doubt that some spirits remain to haunt. To prove this, we have gathered some shocking emergency room horror stories for you.

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When she went to check on her patient, his prolapsed fallout rectum got her all numbed and she passed out on top of her patient.


Her husband narrated, his wife was on nighttime shift and suddenly she heard a sound singing “God bless America” “God bless America” she got frightened on catching that it is coming from the room in the corner. On peeking her head into the room, she saw a naked patient singing “God Bless America ” while standing in the middle of the room out of nowhere.


It was an emergency case of women in labor, fortunately, the one telling this story had her sister-in-law nursing in that department.

The condition of the women was extremely critical because the baby was already dead inside the womb and the doctors were trying to keep it a normal delivery hence the women delivered the baby breech. The panic started when the baby’s head got stuck in the womb and got detached from forcing.

So basically, she delivered a headless baby after which she got shifted to the surgery room to remove the baby’s head. No one was able to find the head after the surgery.


A patient came into the emergency room, he had a cyst in the back of his neck and was dying of pain. After 3 anesthetic injections, the surgery finally started. On peeling off the top layer a larva the size of a 50 pence coin appeared crawling from underneath. Well, the neck was clean otherwise. Nothing to worry about.


The doctor told the story himself when he had to deal with a patient who had not only Dementia but HIV and valvular Herpes as well. The patient had lost his mind and was biting every second person he saw. He was on the duty to change his trach and this entire time that crazy patient was giving him a demon-ish stare. The patient coughed at him spraying his blood all over his face which almost went into his eyes as well. What a deadly experience, he said.


Hospitals are scary even if they’re located in the middle of the city. When you get to visit it in odd hours then it creeps you out even more.

A girl was telling this story, that one day she had an early shift and had to be there around 6;30 and she got late so she rushed towards the elevator in the hospital and pressed the 9th-floor button, but she stopped at the 11th floor. When the door opened nobody was there but just a sound of air then she again pressed the 9th floor and immediately moved out as she was really scared, on leaving she saw an old lady was standing behind her throughout. Whoop!

Hence, it’s one of the scariest emergency room horror stories we have ever heard of.


A nurse attendant was telling the story while sharing some moments of her medical journey. One day a patient was brought into the emergency room for surgery. She had attempted suicide. There was a slit in her wrist and was brought to the hospital with half hanging throat. Her duty while surgery was to keep that woman’s head intact while doctors do their thing. Hence, the woman died, and the doctors asked her to look down the neck for an anatomy lesson.

It is not surprising that all these incidents happened in the emergency room because the hospital itself is a place where people die every other second. Maybe those dying people have cursed it or they still roam in the halls of the hospitals, who knows if they are the reason for these strange incidents happening. These are just a few emergency room horror stories, there are more to come, and they will be coming!

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