Funny photos of embarrassing moments captured by camera

Who doesn’t want a picture-perfect moment to be captured by a camera?

We all want to preserve fond memories in the form of a photograph, but sometimes an embarrassing moment that we want to forget, is clicked by someone to remind us of our absurdity for a lifetime.

Below are some embarrassing moments that were captured by a camera and circulated on the internet, much to the viewers’ amusement but the subject’s humiliation.

Falling down in public

One thing no one wants to happen to them is falling down in front of anyone. In fact, many people are more worried about being seen rather than getting hurt in such a scenario. In view of that, it would be extremely undesirable that someone captures a photograph of us falling down.

However, it did happen with one unfortunate girl.

Stuck in a chair

Even though fat-shaming, or any form of body-shaming should be strictly condemned, overweight people have been victims of bullying and demeaning jokes for decades.

This results from the existing societal pressure for maintaining a perfect physique and the wrongful perception that people are always fat by choice. Voluntary overeating is believed to be the only cause of a person’s obesity.

As a result, people who are even slightly obese feel ashamed of their body. Under such circumstances, the embarrassment is ought to magnify if such a person gets stuck in a chair which was designed for people with slim bodies.

The above picture of an obese person seeking help from two girls after being stuck in a chair, is example of an embarrassing moment caught on camera.

Digging one’s own grave

There is no one to blame if embarrassment is caused by your own actions, rather than anybody else’s.

Considering that the girls in the photograph below, themselves requested someone to capture their picture, we cannot help but use the idiom that they dug their own graves.

What probably happened is that these girls were posing for a photograph, but one of them lost her balance and fell off the fence, thus resulting in a completely different outcome than what they had imagined.

The irreversible damage

Tattoos can be embarrassing.

The young fellow who can be seen in the picture below probably wanted to give tribute to his mother by thanking her but ruined the message due to spelling mistakes.

It is evident that he did not even realize the error after the tattoo was made, and proudly took a picture to share that has now made it to the list of embarrassing moments captured by camera.

Instead of “Thanks mother for my life”, the misspelled text says “Thenks mather for my life”.

The fact other than spelling error which makes it embarrassing for the subject is that mather is a term used to refer to the person whose job is to mow grass.

Help! It’s a ball

Sportspersons are people who are used to minor injuries during a game. However, it is a reflex action to get worried and move back in an attempt to prevent yourself from getting hurt if you see any object flying towards your face.

That is probably the reason that this sportsman looks freaked out seeing a ball coming towards him but his facial expressions captured by camera make it an embarrassing moment for him because, as a sportsman, it is humiliating to accept that he was afraid of the very ball he was playing the match with.

When you have something stuck in your teeth really bad

It is strictly against eating manners to put your hand inside your mouth while eating even to remove any food stuck in your teeth. This woman was caught on camera with her complete hand inside her mouth leaving people wondering what she was up to.

All of the above are extremely embarrassing moments captured by camera. Most subjects seem to be unaware of the fact that they are being photographed. We have shared these pictures just for fun, and they should serve as a reminder that one should be very cautious when posing for pictures or selfies in public to avoid becoming a laughing stock like the subjects of these photos.

Failing to do so would mean that your embarrassing moments have the potential to go viral, but this fame would come at a great cost.

However, if you are someone like me who wants to be known for doing crazy stuff, then do what your heart desires but if you are someone who would shy away from the limelight, then do take all the necessary precautions and only click pictures (or ask your friends to do it) once you say cheese.

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