11 Funniest and dumbest questions to ask on the internet

We must thank the internet for entertaining us in so many different ways. The population of the world we live in is more than 7 billion. There are all kinds of people in the world, and every one of them is different from each other. Some are crazy, some are silly, some are intelligent, while others are stupid. People are probably high when they ask the stupidest questions on YahooAnswers, or we can assume that they try to entertain the audience. But, there is no doubt that these questions are the rarest questions one could ever hear in their life.

This article is going to be about the funniest and dumbest questions to ask on the internet.

The moral of the conversation is that; no one should be ashamed of asking any kind of questions on the internet as there are chances of two possibilities– Either they will get the answer, or will bring a smile to people’s faces.

Having said that, let’s start with the 11 funniest and dumbest questions to ask on the internet.

Question no.1

Jenny asked for help on YahooAnswers to tell her urgently how is it possible to ask a question on yahoo answers

Question no. 2

James Bag seeks help as she writes his concern about how to figure out whether her son is gay or not. She said that she wanted to know if there is some kind of a hormonal checkup to solve this confusion. James added that she thinks that her son has almost no muscles and narrow shoulders and that she thinks that this feature might make him gay

Question no.3

“A guy writes his confusion that he has come to know that his girlfriend is pregnant while they did not have sex. Now the question he has, is that how is it possible if they did not have sex?” While we guess, that this is “pretty dumb” and that one should have common sense

Question no.4

A guy writes his question wanting to know whether there are any birds in Canada or not as he was going to visit Canada sometime. He also added that he wants to know this because he wants to bring his camera there and take pictures of them. Although, he confessed that he knew that there are moose in Canada.

Question no.5

A girl writes that she wanted to know whether 1 minute and 60 seconds are the same or not. She describes her confusion by explaining that she is confused between 1 minute and 60 seconds as she presses the “set time” button on the microwave oven.

She further asks why 1 minute + 1 minute are equal to 2 minutes while 60 seconds + 60 seconds are 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Question no.6

James Russell explains his hassle that he has swallowed an ice cube. Now, he is worried and asked about whether the ice cube was stuck in his abdomen or not.

Question no.7

A person posted about his confusion that he heard from someone that dwarfs can see in the dark at night. The person further explains that he straightly asked the question to a midget person in his school. But, he didn’t receive any answer. He puts additional details in his question by thanking everyone for their answers while still having the same confusion.

Question no.8

Someone asked the date of  9/11. The person adds that he/she was told by one of his/her friends that it is known as 9/11 because people call 911 in such situations.

Question no. 9

A Yahoo user asks, Will seeing the picture of the sun affect one’s eyes?

Question no.10

“Someone asked everyone on YahooAnswers to tell him which animal is the sonic hedgehog?”
Well, we guess… the clue is the answer.

Question no. 11

Abigail Jones writes that her workplace monitors everything and due to this if she logs into her official e-mail i.d from her personal computer, would her workplace be able to see her through the log-in source?
She also adds that after checking her email, she forgot to log out from it and started browsing the internet later.

One day, Abigail overheard her boss and supervisor having a conversation about her bank account so she thought that there is a possibility of seeing her through the camera even at her home.


That’s a wrap-up for the dumbest questions asked! We are sure that you laughed out hard while reading this article about the funniest and dumbest questions to ask on the internet. Indeed! one needs the guts to ask such questions online.

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