10 Disney world horror stories that will freak you out

Disney is too good to be true – that’s why it’s all made up.

But some horror stories get past the heavily decorated world of Disney even after all the hushing.

These 10 Disney world horror stories will make you rethink fantasy and perfectionism.

Robbery or theft

There are tons of horror stories where guests forget that there is no magic behind the real-life Disney world. Simultaneously, the number of stories that explain staff members’ actions is also not small.

Though the staffing procedure maintains high standards of service and commitment from staff; there are a few well-known cases where the staff-member not only failed in providing quality but also harmed the park’s properties and image.

Theft of Buzzy – the animatronic is one such example. The cast member who stole the character was later arrested for his deeds. Thank Goodness! And if you are a Disney fan like me, then it surely is one of the most prominent Disney world horror stories.

You can’t stand in Disney world’s SPACE MOUNTAIN

This Space Mountain gives an outer world experience to the riders. You get into the roller coaster, which runs without many interruptions and loops.

The ride is fairly safe but long. You don’t need to follow strict health protocols while riding the roller coaster. However, certain acts of carelessness can be deadly.

One instance of death that happened in Space Mountain was caused by a man standing up on the coaster. Consequently, his head hit the metal coaster calling for Grim Reaper.

Imagine yourself on that roller coaster, it will leave you traumatize and you will tell this as Disney horror story to your grandkids.

The Ghost of Walt Disney

It seems that Walt Disney loved his art. The undying love seems to have kept him alive even after his death.

These are not my assumptions. Rather, an employee reported that Mr. Walt’s apartment kept showing signs of being haunted.

The most prominent sign was lights that kept turning on without living people’s effort. The park responded by leaving the window lamp on in the memory of its deceased founder. If this doesn’t scare you, we don’t know what will. Perhaps, our fear made us include this in the list of Disney world horror stories.

They’ve got something real

Okay, so Disney World’s Haunted Mansion had its Séance book only that book had real magic in it. The book belonged to the 14th century and contained witchcraft material.

How did it turn out? Did it peacefully stay on the table? How did its powers manifest?

The answer lies in the fact that the crew had to replace the book with a copy soon because it never stayed still.

We are talking magic.

Mr. Wedway may accompany you on the ride

Sometimes, guests often claim about a person who falls off mid-way roller coaster ride in Disney World’s Space Mountain adventure.

If he was sitting next to you on your Space Mountain ride, know that his name is Mr. Wedway and he died long before the attraction started operating.

Disney World has relations with illuminati

Okay, let’s start talking politics, shall we?

This rumor says that Disney has kept its club 33 reserved for Freemasons meetings. If we get it a little more specific, the rumor claims that Walt Disney was a member of the Freemason group and served to establish New World Order.

It’s too gruesome to even think about. Let’s pretend we never mentioned this assumption.

You’re looking at real bones my friend

In the construction of Pirates of the Caribbean, the Imagineers first used fake bones for skeletons. However, they grew weary of the fakeness that ensued and soon resorted to using real bones.

Don’t worry, they soon replaced these with fake ones so you can visit without thinking about the person to whom these bones belonged.

But you shouldn’t be too sure. What if one or more skulls still remain unchanged?

The demise of Deborah stone

I wish DisneyLand was all about fairy tales. But it isn’t. Not every story in Disney World ended up in poetic justice.

Take the story of Deborah Stone. She died by being crushed between a stationer wall and a rotating stage that was rotating in a counter-clockwise direction.

The most horrific detail of this incident is the innocence of the victim – she did everything right but a miscalculation of a few inches (feet?!) took her life.

You can’t sneak in

Maybe you can. But know the premises before you try.

A teenager tried getting into the magical world by climbing a fence. In the process, he got caught by a monorail and was immediately killed.

People claim that you can still see the teenager being dragged behind the train.

Dinosaurs aren’t real

You think that it’s a piece of commonly known information, but when you are in Disney anything can happen.

Apparently, some guests believe that Disney has held real dinos at the display.

If it wasn’t the extreme of illusion from the amusement park what else can be?

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