What’s the Mexican word of the day? Let’s find out through funny memes and jokes

There’s no meaning (meming) to life, without memes in it, right? We can’t imagine a day without sharing some funny memes with our friends and family. There are a few memes we have kept in our meme bucket to share on specific moments like emjois including Scumbag Steve, Good Guy Greg, Bad Luck Brian, and Hilarious Dude. They are integral to make our otherwise boring conversations via WhatsApp or social media entertaining. Mexican word of the day memes have become somewhat a trend – which are more interesting and can turn any situation punny.

What’s a meme anyway?

In the same manner, one of the famous internet memes which have become viral in no time is Successful Mexican. Mexican people are more famous for their generosity and kindness and are known for their social heritage and rich culture. But once you say Mexico or Mexican in a room full of technology freaks, brace yourself to receive a laughing response. It is also possible that many of them will imagine Mexican Hero Juan in their heads.

Juan is specifically known as Sombrero Mexican, Successful Mexican, or the Merry Mexican for the Mexican funny memes. Successful Mexican meme has an image of a happy Mexican man in a Sombrero with a background of a red shade wheel. It is one of the instant viral memes of the world.

The hilarious part in the Successful Mexico meme is neither the Sombrero nor Juan, it’s the captions associated with it. It was the 23rd of April in 2010 when the various hilarious Mexican word of the day phrases took the maximum space over the internet websites and the rest is history.

Before we share some memes related to Mexican word of the day, let’s find out what does it mean when we say meme? There’s no particular definition, but it can be described as the chunk of catchy phrases and informative or funny media that is transferred from one person to another online. As long as they are amusing enough, they can be shared anywhere through any channel. Memes can be shared in the form of GIFs, videos, images, or even an expression.

It was a kind of meme that made fun of the Mexican-American accent and used Mexican-American wordplay for the captions, with this, Juan then appeared in millions of humorous Mexican memes, Mexican word of the day phrases, and funny jokes and videos with sometimes mean and insulting captions. Let’s find out some of the most popular of them all.

Mexican word of the day: Deliver


My Doctor told me to cut back on the Tequila because it’s bad for deliver (the liver).

Mexican word of the day: Juicy


Tell me if juicy (you see) the cops.

Mexican word of the day: Mushroom


When all my family gets in the car, there’s not mushroom (much room).

Mexican word of the day: Chicken


I was about to go to the store with my wife, but chicken (she can) go herself.

Mexican word of the day: Tissue


If you don’t know how to drive a car, let me tissue (teach) you.

Mexican word of the day: Cheese


Juanita likes me, but cheese (she) is ugly.

Mexican word of the day: Wooden Chair

wooden chair

Juanita is mad at me because I wooden chair (wouldn’t share) my Tacos.

Mexican word of the day: Disney


I went to see the doctor and he asked: ‘Which knee hurts? That knee or Disney (this knee)?’

Mexican word of the day: Boat


The Mustang and the corvette are boat (both) for sale.

Mexican word of the day: Jewish


Don’t Jewish (you wish) you were the batman?

Mexican word of the day: Budweiser


I definitely don’t know her, budweiser (but why is her) face so similar?

Mexican word of the day: Urine


If you touch me, urine (you are in) trouble.

Mexican word of the day: Keychain


I told my lady to get back in the keychain (kitchen) and make me some Tacos

Mexican word of the day: Detroit


People say my car was completely Detroit (destroyed) after the accident.

Mexican word of the day: Wheelchair


There’s only one slice of the pizza left, so wheelchair (we’ll share).

Mexican word of the day: Bodywash


I wanted to go to the club tonight but bodywash (nobody watch) my kids.

Mexican word of the day: Green, Pink, & yellow

green pink yellow

The phone goes green, green… I pink (ring, ring… I pick) it up and say yellow (hello).

Mexican word of the day: Blueberry


The roof of my house is gone, that wind blueberry (blew very) hard.

Mexican word of the day: JUDO


Don’t mess with him! Judo (You don’t) know if he has a knife, Judo (you don’t) know if he has a gun.

Mexican word of the day: Hispanic


Juan had to take Xanex for Hispanic (his panic) attack.

Mexican word of the day: Choo Chooo

choo choo

I have a gun and if you break into my house I will Choo Chooo (shoot) you.

Mexican word of the day: Jerky


To enter the janitor closet, you have to use jerky (her key).

Mexican word of the day: Cheez-it

cheez it

Jesus Christ, it’s cold outside.

Mexican word of the day: Library


I can always tell when my son is lying to me, he doesn’t library (lie very) good.

Mexican word of the day: Nutella


My wife, she no listen, so I nutella (not tell) her nothing.

Mexican word of the day: Texan & Horizon

texan and horizon

I told my girl texan (texting) and driving is very dangerous. She needs to put her phone down and keep horizon (her eyes on) the damn road.

Mexican word of the day: Batman and Robin


He’s a very Batman (bad man). He’s been Robin (robbing) everybody.

Mexican word of the day: Urine

urine 2

If you voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, urine (you are an) idiot.

The Mexican word of the day phrases or any other viral memes over the internet is just for the sake of fun and most of the time they are taken as a stress reliever. They become viral in today’s virtual culture just as most of the youngsters being sarcastically hilarious make fun and pass rude comments without hitting someone directly. So just have a break from your tough schedule and enjoy these funny memes.

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