Depression art a unique way to raise awareness

Countless people around us suffer from depression, but their agony goes unnoticed simply because psychological illnesses are invisible. The person right next to us might be experiencing a persistent feeling of hopelessness and despair, yet seem extremely normal on the outside.

Basically, a depressed person loses interest in life and has ongoing pessimistic thoughts that make it difficult for him/her to concentrate on the present. Such an individual feels defeated, and believes there is no way out that could lead them to a happy, normal life. In order to be able to help them, it is important that we first develop an understanding of what such patients truly go through. Whereas media and public welfare organizations have been playing their part in increasing awareness, depression art has recently evolved as a medium which depicts the sufferings of affected individuals.

Below are some of the eye-opening artworks gathered from the internet that attempt to visually represent the struggles of those suffering from depression and other psychological disorders.

Sad, dark and gloomy – this painting summarizes how mental health patients feel.

Such individuals long to live a normal life, but getting rid of the haunting thoughts is not in their control. Equally distressed by the non-existent fears and their inability to overcome them, depressed persons cry their heart out in lonely, dark corners of the house.

The vague, teary-eyed figure is a perfect depiction of that.

This creative reveals how an individual’s life becomes colorless post-depression.  Hues of happiness can be seen bleeding out from the subject’s body.

Those suffering from this mental illness tend to become anti-social and stop finding pleasure in activities that they previously used to enjoy. They lose interest in parties and gatherings. Many feel that if they go, they will be made fun of because they have achieved less in life as compared to others. Therefore, they remain isolated and deprive themselves from the joy of friends, laughter and fun-filled activities.

In fact, some become so hopeless that they even dread getting out of the bed for their daily shower, or for running essential errands.

This is a rather unique and interesting creation within the category of depression art. While most artworks use minimal color and depict suffering to represent the illness, this one tries to metaphorically communicate how a person is broken and shattered when undergoing depression.

The positive aspect of this creative is that it also presents a solution by illustrating that support from friends and family is required to put the pieces back in place.

An artwork that all those who have suffered from depression at some point in life can relate to. Yes, it’s a sad reality, but no surprise that unhappy and shattered individuals often cry themselves to sleep. This is especially true for depressed people who keep their thoughts to themselves and think that even if they were to let out their feelings, no one would understand them.

When negativity comes from another person, one always has the option of avoiding them. Sadly, a human being cannot escape from his/her own mind and the pessimistic thoughts that come to it during the phase of depression. This is what the above visual communicates.

This visual depicts that a depressed individual is always in tears and consequently develops reddened eyes and dark circles. The wrinkles on forehead and under eyes portray the constant state of worry a sufferer is in. It summarizes the state of distress a depressed person lives in, for those who have no idea how it feels like.

Depression is analogous to a monster that eats the sufferer bit by bit, thus torturing them and ultimately finishing their strength and courage. This is exactly what is being depicted in the visual above.

Depression affects a person’s diet. Many lose appetite due to stress and unsolicited thoughts. The state of unhappiness further takes a toll on the sufferer’s physical health. Consequently, the individual may end up looking so weak that s/he can analogically be compared to a skeleton.

The above creative represents this harsh reality.

Also, the fact that the skeleton is sitting alone in a desert indicates how lonely mental health patients actually feel.

This artwork visually represents how overthinking can cause a person’s mind to blow up (figuratively). Literally also, one might remain distracted and confused because attention is usually restricted to the disturbing thoughts, and there is no way to escape from them.

“It’s not that bad”. That’s what those who suffer from depression keep telling themselves.

Despite loneliness, tiredness and boredom, they keep going every day and that is commendable.

The good news is that depression can be treated with medication, therapy, or a combination of both. However, that does not reduce the importance of showing empathy towards these patients. They need to be assured that they are not alone in their struggle and that things will eventually get better.

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