Customer service memes depicting the employees’ true feelings

Every time we walk into a retail store, bank, or restaurant, we expect to be greeted by a customer service staff member. Even if none is immediately available, we look around for one and bombard them with our questions and requests. Rarely does anyone try to put themselves in the shoes of these employees, and understand how they feel when forced to answer illogical questions, and comply with unrealistic demands-that too with a smile on their face.

Therefore, today we will be sharing a few customer service memes to empathize with those who go beyond all means to assist their clients. If you work in customer service, you will find the content hilarious and relatable. If you are amongst the clients who ask for a bit too much, these memes may help you realize how to improve your behavior.

We have all heard the saying: “customer is always right”. This is particularly true when one is working in a role that requires direct interaction with the customers. Many times these self-entitled individuals create a hue and cry even if they are at fault. For example, an account-holder may raise a fight with the bank’s staff if his/her check is bounced back due to the unavailability of funds. Rather than accepting carelessness on their part, such individuals are often furious why the customer service staff didn’t call to “inform” that their check was being returned to the bearer.
Similarly, many shoppers at retail outlets fight with staff members for the unavailability of a product that has been discontinued by the manufacturing company.

Just to diffuse the situation, customer service staff often end up apologizing when it’s not their fault in the first place. This meme humorously reflects the entire scenario by communicating that a prerequisite for landing a job in customer services is having the ability to ask forgiveness without making any mistake.

One of the most common threats that a customer service employee receives is that a complaint against them will be made to their manager. No matter how many times they try to explain to infuriated customers that the meal they ordered requires a certain amount of time to be prepared, or the ordering system developed an error, which is beyond anyone’s control, they just want to speak to the “manager”.

An often amusing sight is when these customers do not realize that the person they are yelling at is the manager of the place. Upon finding out, most are embarrassed or speechless. This is a rare moment of entertainment for retail employees that makes them feel like “the king” once in a while.

“Do you work here?”

This is a question that employees of the customer service department are often asked. There’s nothing wrong with the question, but if someone is wearing a uniform with a prominently visible logo of the organization, the fact that they do work at that place is quite self-explanatory.

Many times staff members working in a customer-facing role try to go overboard in their attempts of satisfying a customer. However, there exists a category of clients who always remain unhappy.

This customer service meme is just targeting such thankless patrons by sarcastically apologizing for providing excellent service.

How would you feel if your boss handed over a project just a few minutes before your work hours were about to end? Imagine being told that the task needed to be completed even if it meant staying back late.

Understandably, such a situation won`t leave you in a pleasant mood. However, service industry employees face such a situation daily. Shoppers enter retail stores five minutes before the closing time and spend at least an hour before leaving. Clients enter banks with a large sum of money to be deposited just two minutes before the gates close.

Not only do such actions on part of the customers force the staff members to stay late at their workplace but they often have to redo tasks like counting the inventory and balancing cash counters.

This meme depicts the feelings of a customer service staff member when s/he sees a customer approaching a few minutes before the closing time.

Staff working in the customer services department have to deal with annoying patrons continuously. No matter how clearly you explain the rules of procedure, they will make sure they unfold the entire stack of clothes in a retail shop or try on makeup products that are not testers. Some may even find their way into restricted areas that are exclusively for staff members.
No matter how frustrated you get by their irritating actions, all you can do is politely request them to leave. In reality, a customer service staff would want to scream and yell at such people but the nature of their job just restricts them from misbehaving with customers.
This meme communicates how an annoyed staff would be screaming internally and suppressing their anger under such a situation.
We understand the difficulties faced by customer service staff. However, there are always two sides to a coin and sometimes the staff may also make the customers suffer by putting their call on hold for a long time, or making them wait unnecessarily. The ideal scenario would be one where both show consideration and empathy for each other and try to make the interaction pleasant.

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