11 Cheesy ways to say I love you to reignite your relationship

What keeps a relationship strong for a long time? The answer is, small gestures and perks to keep on rekindling the love like the first day of a relationship. You need to keep on reviving and creating little magical moments to remind your partner what their true worth is and why you fell in love with them a long time ago.

There are countless ways to say, ‘I love you,’ and make your partner fall in love with you – yet again! Humor plays a vital role in transmitting your hidden message under the cheesy way you adopt to say I love you.

Does love need special occasions to be expressed? NO! Love is the purest form of emotion on earth and it needs to be expressed now and then to stay strong. Use some humor or even some below-the-belt funny punches to let your partner know how important they are to you. Here is a list of a few cheesy ways to say I love you to your partner; which express all the love you have and we assure you; it will put that all-knowing smile on your partner’s face-  just the way you want!

The Sun, Moon and the stars; and everything that can’t be named:

Describing your lover as a moon, star, or sun or even the whole galaxy is very common but letting your partner know that everything else which matters on planet earth is also what reminds you of them. What can be more beautiful than this message eh??!!

The brainy lover!

Someone adores logic and mental exercise more than the emotional heart! This is the card especially made for you! Surprise your lover by praising them for their brain in a Frankenstein-ish WAY! The brains are what made you fall for them and now you just don’t want to change it!

Turn me on baby!

Need to say more? You have the remote control in your hand! Turn me on or let me stay mute! I’m all yours. Treat me just the way you like.

Funniest love card ever for a sarcasm loving couple

This card is our absolute favorite! What can be funnier than comparing your partner with all the hot hunks of Hollywood and later on asking them about the specs? Yes, this is how the relationship dynamics work after spending several years together.

Favorite thing to do!

This card is the best invitation for your partner to come and re-ignite the relation to newer sizzling levels. You’re my favorite thing to do is like asking your partner that nothing else in this world matters but the love which heats between you two.

The burger couple:

Let’s grow FAT and OLD together. The couple who eats together sleeps together; grows old together!

As you grow old together, certain attributes become common and similar between the partners. Likes, dislikes, and habits all become common and you truly become ONE at HEART! Let your partner know this with this cute burger card.

Can’t get lamer than this:

 Lame together – happy together!!!

Let your partner know how happy you are with their presence even when it is lame and insignificant. The happiness lies within the short lame moments where you laugh uncontrollably and fall in love with your partner truly, madly, deeply.

Growing old together miserably!

Want to grow old together miserably. If humor is a common notion between the couple, then the answer will truly be yes. This is a cheesy way of saying that you love being miserable with your lover and want to continue living like this for a lifetime.


You are okay as a partner is the best understatement ever to express your hidden love for your partner. Calling your partner okay and being okay with it will explode some fireworks in your lounge!

Shaving the legs:

One of the hardest and difficult jobs to do is shaving the legs and if a person is exclaiming that they are willing to do that just for you – it depicts sincerity and how seriously they take this relationship. It takes some effort to shave the legs and that too just to make a person happy. This person is a keeper for sure!

Socks in flip flops

Socks worn inside flip flops are creepy and if someone is claiming to love you even after seeing you endorsing socks over flip flops; then one must be serious about it. Love is going to last long if your partner has made peace with this habit of yours! It is always refreshing to receive a love confession in the daily hustling bustling busy routine of life. The love that gets dusted under the carpet needs to be

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