Cheap toilet paper online memes: Have a fun quarantine!

Are you one of those who stocked up piles of toilet papers just before the country-wide lockdown?

There’s no secret how brutally Covid-19 took over the world. When the government imposed orders of strict lockdowns, our fragile human thinking only cared about stocking up piles of households. Unfortunately, this embarrassing act of ours led to the shortage of toilet paper both online and offline.

Well, we are not here to make fun of the current situation. But to make your home quarantine fun. Since Americans are popular for making hilarious memes, we have a full-fledged proof for that. The cheap toilet paper online memes we have gathered will let you know how far Americans can go with their jokes.

Disclaimer! – Must read

  • If you don’t have enough toilet paper, then skip meme number four, as it can make you rush to the toilet.
  • If you get a stomach ache from laughing too hard, don’t hold us accountable.
  • Make sure nobody is asleep at your home; otherwise, you will wake him/her up with your hilarious laughter.
  • If you want to know the culprit behind the pandemic outbreak, check out meme number seven.
  • Lastly, don’t feel targeted if you find any meme relatable.

13 – hilarious toilet paper memes:

Toilet papers are used for hygiene purposes, but following, we have unhygienic memes of toilet paper. Make sure you read all of them.

When you tested Covid positive

When the doctor checks your covid test report and proclaims you as Covid Positive.

You would be like: It cannot be possible because you have 40 crates of bottled water and 200 big rolls of Fiora (toilet paper).

Maybe, you might have caught it while buying those bulks of toilet paper. Now quarantine yourself, you tough guy.

The new arcade game in the times of Covid

This is how an arcade game would look like during the Covid-19. Frankly, we don’t think anybody would come to play this game risking their life. Though, it’s a great way to get the bulk of toilet paper for free. Give it a shot after Covid.

Two types of personalities

Covid –19 has not brought many good things along. However, there are a few things for which we must appreciate it. Because of it, we get to see the real personalities of people.

Just like in this picture, one person’s cart is overflowing with toilet papers, and the other person’s cart right before him has barely two or four packs of it.

Toilet paper Mummies

The way people are flooding their homes with households, especially toilet papers. We bet they are up to something weird.

By that, we didn’t mean this weird. Or maybe, who knows? They are really doing so to fight the coronavirus.


Once we are out of the pandemic, we would tell a little story to our next generation. Won’t you ask what kind of story?

We would tell them that we had seen days when people used to have piles of toilet paper enough to choke their enemies with.

It’s a true story, by the way. People are using toilet paper as a self-defense tool – from Covid-19.

Beauty and The Beast of 2021

If Beauty and the Beast had been made in the year 2021, it would be like:

Beast: You are tested Covid positive. Lock yourself anywhere in the castle, but be careful not to go to the West Wing.

Beauty: Where is the West Wing? And why shouldn’t she go there?

If you know, you know.

Here’s the real culprit

Let’s take a rough guess. Who would you think to be behind the covid-19 virus?

Do you know what we think? Well, it’s a secret, but we cannot hide anything from you. It’s “Charmin soft Toilet paper.”

Maybe we should call Fredd, Shaggy, and Scoobie to get the culprit arrested. Just kidding!

When you forgot to buy 421 packs of toilet paper

Oh! We’re so sorry for your loss. Our sincere condolences to all the deprived ones. 

That should be the condolences message for all those who forgot to panic buy tons of toilet tissue papers. May they get well soon.

Here comes the least interested ones

Right before the lockdown when people were going crazy and panicked buying households. There were a few folks who were thankful to buy just a few packs of chewing gums.

They are like: Finally, I got them! Yay!

Toilet Paper Seeds

Just imagine, what if we could re-grow toilet paper by sowing their empty rolls into soil? Also, we could sell each seed for $0.25. We would be millionaires today.

Now get a reality check, go to the supermarket and grab those toilet paper before you run out of them.

New payment method in 2021

Don’t have a PayPal, Visa, or Master Card? No worries! You can choose to pay via toilet paper—one roll of toilet paper to pay for $100 stuff.

Just think, If it were for real, it would have deprived several people of clothes and Cable TV channels as well.

The best offer

When you go to a mall to buy toilet paper instead of clothes, and you find an amazing offer there. Buy one toilet paper for $3999 and get a free diamond ring with a gold plated finish.

A note to Toilet Paper Brands

To all the toilet paper brands out there, here is a piece of advice for you all, stop wasting your budget in making commercials. Are you kidding? Who do you think wouldn’t buy this thing. Also, stop it for the sake of people like us. You are alerting everyone now. They will take all of them.

All those above-listed memes are based on real-life events. People have gone too far with this panic buying thing. Even there are some places where you will still not find cheap toilet paper online. Thereby, we thought to turn this thing into something fun that everyone can enjoy. Have fun reading!

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