Some of the best roses are red memes that are sure to make you laugh

As Shakespeare once said: “No matter what you call a rose, it would always entail a sweet scent.” Well, he was pretty much pointing out the fact – that names do not possess any meaning nor worth. While he was also metaphorically talking about a rose that always holds a similar scent, regardless of whatever it is called. Hence, he wanted to say –  whatever the name of his sweetheart Juliet would be, it won’t quite matter. But if we talk about today’s fun session, then this doesn’t fit our roses are red memes.

Is there any freaking logic to such memes?

We believe a rose has to be addressed by the name “rose” and appear red as well. Or else, it won’t rhyme with “violets are blue” and whatsoever you are going to babble next. So feel free to add creative wings with your insane thoughts. However, some people indeed come up with mumbo jumbo and complete nonsense memes as well. On the other hand, some are hilarious to an extent that you might laugh while holding your stomach.

The “roses are red” meme format has been hyped for a long time. You can somehow consider it as the talk of the town as well. Online users are totally loving roses are red memes. So, if you have come across such memes in your social media handles, screenshots, or newspaper headlines, then get used to it.

What to expect from this insane meme session?

We aren’t gonna talk about intelligent stuff here. It is all about creepy, weird, and hilarious thoughts. So, are you ready to jam along with our nonsense and pointless roses are red memes? Well, we suppose you are here for that reason!

That hurts! Certainly, Squidward has completely gone nuts 

Well, what can one expect from a cartoon character? Even after having a fork for 10 hours in his throat, we are sure Squidward would be fine. However, logic has been brutally murdered here (R.I.P logic!).

Plus, if deers can eat flowers, then why can’t Squidward eat a fork? Let’s just leave it to him, fellas!

Apart from the meme, this guy needs to see a doctor ASAP

Yeah, we know that you wanna rhyme with the roses are red memes, but first, go fix an appointment with a doctor.

Dreadful twist to the meme

If such bedtime stories will be narrated to you, then freaking out is a must-have.

Moreover, we weren’t expecting such a frightening version of roses are red memes. Now you better not see under your bed!

That is definitely a savage reminder!

If someone is messing up with you, then you better send them this savage meme straight away. We bet they won’t bother you again.

Much of a pun intended

Next time, if someone passes such a statement, you better understand they are being sarcastic.

A double meaning roses are red meme

The phrase – roses are red, violets are blue was initially discovered in 1590, and since then people haven’t hushed up.

Can anything be more disappointing than this!

The epic line “I expect nothing and I’m still let down” might make you sad, but be happy because the chocolates are brown and yummy as well. 

Ma’am smitten came up with a creative meme

We just hope that the old lady gets justice for her kitten. We have sympathies for her, but we are really not interested in this kitten mystery. Right?

Can anything be even weirder than this?

Well, we believe this guy should just keep such personal mems to himself only. Even though we don’t care, still we were thinking how can one weed up their ass?! Any clues?

Roses are indeed red, and rice is plain

Of course, we believe potatoes are cute, so don’t be offended by the statement.

This man having a small penis isn’t a secret anymore

This meme makes us go WTF every time we read it!

We hope this man doesn’t mind if we talk about his small penis, or will he?!

Not interested in the review but the meme rhymed perfectly

Kudos to this man for creating a lame rhyme with his half-eaten chocolate chip cookie!

Jerry Seinfeld must be happy after seeing this meme

Apart from the meme, we think Jerry Seinfeld resembles this bee a lot. What do you guys think?!

It seems as if someone’s heart has broken

It looks as if everyone wants to be the No.1. 

This girl really knows how to kill someone with her harsh words. Let’s just hope she forgets the guy who broke her heart.

We were just wondering, what made her add roses to this savage response. But we are talking all crap here, so never mind.

Seriously, this is quite an informative meme

We weren’t aware that money can be green as well. Thank god, we came across this roses are red meme(pun intended).

Your bum can be a good place for keeping eggs

The Internet can come up with such insane thoughts overnight.

Are you kidding – Venus and penis?!

Thank god, roses can’t read, or else after seeing this meme, they could have died.

Moreover, rather than Voldemort’s penis, we need to talk about his nose.

Jesus must be a busy god

They surely have written the truth!

Does this make any sense?

Yes, we know that the roses are red. And we aren’t interested in talking about the rest.

This came out of nowhere

This meme definitely has proved that we can just come up with any nonsense talk.

Up till now, the roses are red meme must have committed suicide several times!

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