What are the best places to buy shoes online?

When it comes to online shopping, we think we are experts! But with the new brands, e-commerce sites and Instagram shops popping up regularly can be tricky to navigate. From several brilliant stores out there, it gets pretty challenging to select a retailer that caters to your specific needs. Although all shoes serve the same purpose, i.e., protecting our feet, however, their material, design, and comfort level vary from brand to brand. In fact, today, there are shoes for every mood, occasion, and preference. They have become more of a status symbol than anything else. Therefore, to help you make the right choice, we are here to explore the best places to buy shoes from.

Table of Content:

  • Best Places to Buy Shoes from
  • Amazon
  • Shoebacca
  • DSW
  • Zappos:
  • Shoes.com
  • Footlocker
  • Famous Footwear
  • Zulily

Before we go into the details, here’s a 5-second summary for you to get an overview of the best shoe retailers.

5 – Seconds Summary

  • Amazon is best for “try before you buy.”
  • Shoebacca is best known for having a wide variety of shoes from popular brands.
  • DSW is the best-dedicated store for designer shoes.
  • Zappos has an excellent overall range of shoes.
  • Shoes.com is best for everyday Footwear.
  • Footlocker is famous for its sports shoes.
  • Famous Footwear is known for its sales events.
  • Zulily has the best range of shoes for moms.

8- Best Places to Buy Shoes from

Following is our list of places where you can find the most trendy and stylish shoes for yourself. So, let’s get started!


Amazon is the best place to buy shoes as Amazon warehouse has plenty of footwear options that includes brands like Adidas, Ugg, Fila and Skechers. You can easily find popular footwear brands under $30 in the clearance section. Whether you are looking for a high-end brand or any ordinary brand for daily wear shoes, you will find everything there.

Even though Amazon is an excellent choice to buy shoes from, it has some pros and cons that you should be aware of.


  • If you have Amazon Prime, you can avail free 2-days shipping offer
  • On this single platform, you can compare prices and features of shoes of different brands.


  • Since it is a big platform, it could be overwhelming to browse through.
  • They have different policies for the items not sold and shipped by amazon.


If you are someone who constantly struggles to find his/her shoe size, you better checkout Shoebacca. You will be more than satisfied. Name it, from athletic shoes to stiletto heels. They have everything stylish and trendy. Moreover, they have a great variety of shoes from popular brands at reasonable prices. You will get sizes for your entire family from a single place.

Here we have discovered a few pros and cons of Shoebacca that you might be interested in.


  • It offers free shipping on purchases.
  • It has a policy of free return shipping as well.


  • You cannot return your shoes after 45 days.
  • It doesn’t have a product exchange policy.


If you live in the US, there is a likely chance that you have shopped at Designer Shoe Warehouse, for the best-styled designer shoes. With over 500 stores, DSW aims to provide quality shoes in a convenient manner. They have an excellent range of designer wear, including athletic shoes, boots, and sandals. Even though it caters to high-priced shoes; you can still strike the best deals through clearance sales and discounts.

Below are some pros and cons of purchasing shoes from DSW.


  • It has a massive selection of the biggest designer shoes.
  • It offers surprisingly significant discounts on the clearance section.


  • It doesn’t have as many deals as other platforms.
  • It doesn’t accept purchase exchanges via mail.


Now browsing your favorite shoes has become easy. Zappos has a user-friendly searching tool that will enable you to find your favorite shoes easily. It has dedicated categories of shoes, including running, diabetic-approved and eco-friendly. You can buy your favorite ones after reading reviews about them. However, before purchasing, check out the prices carefully as they have different prices for different colors.

Here are some pros and cons of purchasing from Zappos.


  • It has a massive collection of shoes.
  • It has multiple photo angles for online buyers


  • It never offers coupons.
  • Pricing can vary for the same shoe with a different color.


Shoes.com has a large shoe inventory for both men and women to select everyday Footwear from. From narrow and wide daily wear to dance shoes, you will get a wide variety of shoes for kids as well. Furthermore, you will find eco-friendly, vegan, and diabetic-approved shoes there. With the help of their searching tool, you can find every design and every size that you want.

Here we have some pros and cons of buying from them.


  • It has the best range of sneakers and outdoor Footwear.
  • You will get free shipping on purchases and returns.
  • Their shoes are eco-friendly.


  • It doesn’t ship to PO Boxes or FPO/APO.


Footlocker has a good name for selling athletic shoes of all kinds, including field sports, track, and general exercise. They have dedicated sections for women’s shoes organized by brand names, prices, and categories. You will get specifically designed shoes for playing tennis and cheerleading that you would not find anywhere else.

Here are some pros and cons of shopping for athletic footwear from Footlocker:


  • You will get free shipping on orders above $75.
  • You will get discount coupons for signing up with them.
  • It has the most extensive range of athletic Footwear.
  • It accepts returns from both online and offline channels.


  • It charges a “smart label fee” on returns.

Famous Footwear

If you are looking for the best opportunities to save some bucks, you need to check out Famous Footwear. It provides you with the best offers to get excellent quality shoes at lower prices. Indeed, it is one of the best discount stores for shoes out there. You will get the latest shoes, boots, and sandals designs available at 50 off every day.

Now, let’s look at some pros and cons of purchasing from this brand.


  • It accepts both in-store and mail returns.
  • It offers reward programs for further discounts.


  • It doesn’t accept footwear exchanges by mail.
  • You have to pay for return shipping
  • Limited collection for kids.


Zulily is a place where you might not get an extensive collection of shoes. But you will surely get the best shoe designs, especially for moms. Their articles sell out fast due to the comprehensive discounts they offer. If you are time-starved, then Zulily is the best choice to get your shoe shopping task sorted.

Like other brands, Zulily has its pros and cons:


  • You will get free shipping on subsequent orders.
  • You will find significant discounts on shoes here.


  • It has a small collection.
  • It takes long shipping times.

So, these are some best places to buy shoes from. We assure you that you will never have a bad shopping experience with them. They all have super trendy designs available for every gender at best possible rates. You can avail of further discounts by signing up for their newsletter.

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