People pay homage to Ben Jordan, who died aged 22

The sports world was shocked to learn about the untimely death of Ben Jordan, a promising Kentucky Basketball player, on January 12, 2021. He was 22. Ben Jordan’s death was officially announced by the University of Kentucky.  It caused a huge outcry and the fans were deeply saddened by his sudden demise. Thousands of fans took to Twitter to pay their tributes to the late player.

A native of Olive Hill, Kentucky, he rose to fame at a very young age. The cause of death is still unknown, and the Jordan family still needs time to come to terms with the fact that he is no more.

“Like so many others in the state of Kentucky, basketball has been a part of my life since I was just a kid”, said Jordan upon joining the basketball team.

Someone who has played the sport from a young age and had been so good at it; he was bound to do wonders and break many records if only he had time.

Tributes started pouring in on Twitter, from his fans as well as the people closely associated with him.

Kentucky Athletics were one of the first to react to the news of Jordan’s death, and posted a heartfelt tribute.

“The star inside redshirt who wore a No.3 on his chest went for his heavenly abode way too soon”, wrote a fan posting on Twitter along with his smiling picture.

“We lost a legend today, may you rest in peace Ben Jordan, we all love you and miss you playing for our Kentucky basketball team and baseball team” stated another tweet.

“Ben Jordan was large in stature, large in personality, large in heart, and large in character. He will live large in our memories. RIP” wrote another grieving fan on Twitter.

The death of Ben Jordan has made everyone saddened in the basketball team, and the overall morale of the team was low. Tuesday’s game was played in loving memory of Ben Jordan. His teammates couldn’t find the courage to muster up themselves and go on the court and play. The Wildcats were defeated by the Crimson Tide with an 85-65 score line.

They need to come to terms with never seeing Ben Jordan again on the court. It is hard but that’s how life is.  We were just beginning to see the best of Ben Jordan. Such a tragedy. Keeping good thoughts for him and his family, wrote a user on a testimonial blog and reflected how everyone feels about his early death.

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