9 Bathroom pranks to try on your friends in 2021

The bathroom is stamped as a personal refuge of privacy and most definitely the last place on earth where one would hope to be disturbed, but more dreadfully – be pranked. Regretfully, the trend of pranking spares no one and nothing, engulfing all locations including the bathrooms where no one is safe from the pranksters. We have time and again seen some of the bathroom pranks being played to incite laughter at the expense of fear and emotional turbulence of people.

Though no one would ever like to be pranked, surely it’s a treat to watch when carried out on others. This trend is not only a source of entertainment but also a source of earning for much pursuing revenue generation via social media platforms. Yet keeping it at a lighter note of fun and entertainment only, let’s see what some of the in vogue bathroom hoaxes are:

The shampoo prank

Giving someone an endless ordeal while taking a shower, ranks amongst the top loved mischiefs when it comes to penning down the bathroom pranks ever to be practiced in public or on an individual at home or at the office.

Slipping into the washroom unseen and staying committed to the mission of exhausting the target, really triggers the mischievous hormones to keep up the thrill of the prank.  Simply go on adding drops and drops of shampoo on the poor victim’s head every time he or she tries to rinse it out. Witness and enjoy the deliberately caused frustration and torment triggered by an endless supply of foam only to end at the mercy of the prankster.

The tinted water prank

Definitely, the oldest yet, one of the most result-oriented and bathroom pranks ever tried – the tinted water hoax.

Mix up the red hued color in the water tank and allow the water to take its course of action in the most entertaining way ever.

Taking a shower or washing the hands unaware certainly catches a person off guard and makes him /her respond frantically assuming to have blood water running through the taps and on to their hands and body.

Spider stickers on toilet seat

It’s often a pretty hilarious sight watching someone lose their wits out of fear over fake stuff. You simply cannot predict the response and we guess that’s exactly what keeps alive the ecstasy of the prank.

Many people (females in particular) tend to fear the spiders – and for obvious reasons off course. Taking advantage of this inherent gender fear, you can easily attempt to take the living daylights out of females and others who dread the spiders. Stick some stickers of large sized tarantulas or any other horrible spider species on the toilet seat cover to surprise and chase off any unaware incoming target.

Water throwing prank

Certainly not expecting it to rain in the bathroom, surely it runs chills down the spine of the weak when water from an unknown source falls every now and then stealthily from a hidden place. This is perhaps one of the comparatively decent pranks to be carried out in the bathrooms.

Though water cools things down, yet with this lark you can watch the temper go up and the soul drain out.

Nevertheless, reactions are subject to the victim’s level of courage and common sense hence, results may vary.

Shower curtain prank

A great way to record the freak out reaction of anyone entering the bathroom oblivious to the fake person curtain is really something that amps up the prank results. 

Watch people suddenly become aware of someone already in the washroom behind the curtains and rushing outdoors. Definitely, a  sight to watch with many making their way out successfully, others not able to regain balance, while the brave check the ground realities and results are vice versa.

The fake onlooker prank

Requiring just a one-time installation of a creepy-looking dummy on the outside of the bathroom window is enough for you to bring to record some of the most hilarious reactions on being watched in the bathroom.

The variety of reactions to expect is simply engaging till the end.

The light prank

The light prank is definitely not to be taken lightly.

It’s a great way to enjoy funny individual reactions by playing with the lights just when they are bound by their condition or situation. Leave people wondering what’s wrong and enjoy their helpless state, plead, and don’t let them proceed.

Fake insects on wall

Insects, especially cockroaches are commonly believed to be feared by women. Utilizing this conviction, it’s hilarious to see women and young girls scream their way out of the bathroom on seeing so many randomly placed insects.

The sudden rise of adrenalin off course doesn’t allow the use of common sense on the spot which adds humor to the situation, certainly not to be missed out on!

Taking pictures in bathroom

Though not actually taking the pictures, let the sound convey the opposite to the person using the bathroom. The instant jerky reactions tend to wring out a massive load of laughter.

Nevertheless, to execute the picture-taking prank successfully be sure to be quick on the toes – a tip just in case the target makes his or her way out quick and the hunter becomes the hunted. Both ways it ends hilariously!

These bathroom pranks are only a handful of ideas from the ocean of prank strategies commonly used to spur up fun and thrill, at times yielding desirable results of laughter and entertainment, while at times incurring fewer upshots from those not intimidated by tampered fake situations. Nevertheless, it is a trend not to fade in the background in the coming years so, sit back and enjoy.

Nevertheless, beware! No bathroom is safe.

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