Albino twins from Brazil breaking the stereotypes

You must have watched superwomen movies in your childhood. But have you ever seen real-life super girls? Well, we didn’t until today when we came across the pictures of Albino twins from brazil that went viral.

At the age of 11, Lara and Mara Bawar – twin sisters of African origin are smashing fashion and beauty stereotypes of the fashion industry. Their pictures are sending shock waves because of their striking appearance. Despite having a condition called Albinism that causes a lack of hair and skin pigmentation, they didn’t stop. They continue to embrace their conventional beauty to the fullest!

Table of Content

  • First Appearance of Albino Twins
  • 5 seconds read – Interesting facts about albino sisters
  • Vinicius Terranova’s Opinion about the Albino sisters
  • The Proud Parents of Albino Sisters
  • Interview with Albino twins from Brazil
  • What is their Family Background
  • When did they first realize about their Albino Condition?
  • How did they overcome insecurities?
  • How has Albinism affected their perception of beauty?
  • What is the biggest fallacy about Albinism?
  • How did they offer to model?
  • What has been their proudest moment to date?

First appearance of Albino Twins

In 2016, the beautiful girls caught the attention of Swiss photographer Vinicius Terranova. He photographed the albino twins for his project Flores Raras (Rare flowers). He featured their sister, Sheila, aboard as well to portray that beauty has no standards. This photoshoot was the turning point of their lives. Alongside Sheila, the sisters also spread messages of love and respect for differences. Beauty indeed has no boundaries!

Here are some interesting facts about the Albino sisters:

5 seconds read – interesting facts about albino sisters:

  • The 11-years old girls were born in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • They made their first media appearance in 2016
  • They have been signed to model for Nike, Insanis, and Bazaar kids
  • They have an Instagram following of 118,000,000.
  • They have loved being different since childhood.
  • They were bullied for their looks in school.
  • They have an African origin.

We are not done here. There is a lot more to know. Keep scrolling down and explore more about them!

Vinicius Terranova’s opinion about the Albino sisters

After working with the two incredibly talented sisters, the Swiss photographer was quite impressed by their self-confidence. He stated that, “they are not just beautiful but brilliant and dedicated to their work”. Even though they are pretty young, they are mindful of the importance of their work. They are aware of the power they hold to inspire people. The message of self-love these sisters are giving will help other people to embrace their natural flaws and will not fear facing society.

The proud parents of Albino Sisters

The parents of the beautiful sisters are from Guinea Bissau, West Africa. They are super proud of their girls and love them doing modeling. Their family is very expressive and creative. They want to be valued by their unique beauty aspects. And you know what? They really enjoy reading your comments below their pictures.

Interview with Albino twins from Brazil

 Recently, the beautiful girls were interviewed about their personal life, family background, and aspirations. 

Following are the questions to which they answered:

What is their family background?

The interview revealed that they are 3 siblings who were raised in Sao Paulo. Their parents and acquaintances are from Guine-Bissau, but the children are Brazilian. From a very young age, they are taught to respect their African origin. They got their inspiration from their black African ancestors, who also helped them build a powerful self-image. From the beginning, their family is united and outgoing.

When did they first realize their Albino Condition?

Like every child, they were never concerned about their appearance until they reached a certain age. It all started from their school, where people made them feel different and that they are far from mainstream beauty standards. They felt like aliens. They had no one to relate to, neither on television nor in magazines. This lack of representation further made them feel weird about themselves.

How did they overcome insecurities?

The sisters stated in their interview that, all their lives, they have been in the spotlight but of a different kind due to their rare condition. In the beginning, they were convinced that they would never get acceptance but they realized that acceptance has to begin from within. They started realizing that people’s judgment should not define their identity. This was tough, they accepted. It was not easy to follow those steps. Though it had a powerful impact on their personalities over time, they said.

How has Albinism affected their perception of beauty?

The girls were upset about how they were initially teased about being different. But later in life, they become so confident that they said the world be so dull if everyone was alike. In this battle of gaining acceptance, they added that self-acceptance has been their strongest support that made them believe that beauty is in diversity.

What is the biggest fallacy about Albinism?

The biggest misconception about Albinism they said is, people think it’s contagious. People used to ask them how they caught this condition or if it’s ok to touch them? And every time, they had to explain that its’ a genetic condition and not contagious. They further shared, somebody back then asked them as if they were white albinos. They always clear that they are black Africans with Albinism.

How did they offer to model?

On this question, the girls said, MOOC, a Brazilian collective for black creatives, approached them. They invited all the three siblings to participate in Nike short for the Black History month in 2016. Shortly after, they got another offer from a Swiss photographer for the “Rare Flowers” photoshoot. That shoot turned into a life-changing event of their life. They got huge public attention and visibility via TV channels broadcasting. Since that day, they have been receiving endless modeling opportunities, which is their dream come true.

What has been their proudest moment to date?

The girls found this question quite hard to answer, as every stepping stone brought joy and a personal experience to each of them. They were unable to put it in words.

 If they had to name any 3 proudest moments, they said it must be:

  • Working with a well-known designer like Alexandre Herchcovitch
  • Addressing a massive crowd on girl power and leadership
  • Having been re-posted by their idol Willow Smith on Instagram.

The real-life super girl’s story is giving a strong message of self-love to every girl out there! We must be proud of ourselves and embrace our differences just like these albino twins from Brazil did, in every condition. As far as beauty is concerned, it is more about attitude than looks. The foundation step of self-acceptance is to cherish what you see in the mirror. Embrace uniqueness as a gift and diversity as a virtue. The Albino sisters gave us some major goals to believe in ourselves. We wish them to always reflect a positive approach towards beauty and diversity and break all stereotypes so people have self-confidence in them.

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