Affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Flower shops displaying exquisitely decorated bouquets of roses, public places decorated with red being the main color used in all intricacies of embellishment, superstores announcing massive discounts and bundle offers on various assortments of chocolates – all this can relate to the month of February.

The love is in the air. However, it also calls for a search mission to find the most splendid, yet affordable Valentine’s gifts.

If you are struggling to find the best Valentine’s gift, check out some of the gift ideas – we have enlisted – that will not only bring a smile on your partner’s face, but will also fall within your budget.

Customized maps

What is a better way – to preserve and relive the moment when you first met or confessed your love for each other – than recording it on star or location maps? Both of them are extremely touching gifts. Therefore, we have combined them under one head. You can choose whichever appeals to you more.

Star maps:

Custom-made star maps record the movement of stars on a particular date and time. Isn’t it mesmerizing to see how the universe smiled upon you while you were making a life-long commitment with someone special?

Location maps:

Just like star maps, custom-made location maps depict the place where you first met or asked each other out – the place that is very special to both of you.

Love coupons

Have you ever seen how happy kids are when they get redeemable coupons for rides, snacks or other activities? Well, adults are no different!

The next time you think about Valentine’s gift ideas, do consider the old-school coupons or love tokens that your partner can use in exchange for a pampering day when you make them dinner and do all house chores, or simply give them a big, fat comforting hug.

If you are good at artwork, you can make these coupons yourself out of a colorful chart paper. However, these can also be bought ready-made, for a minimal price, from multiple online marketplaces.

Memories preserved in a scrapbook

Isn’t it strange that as couples grow old, they tend to forget about themselves in the face of responsibilities? However, there needs to be a reminder that they have only been able to come this far, because they were together – everything else just followed!

A memory book depicting the couple’s journey from start till the present – using pictures from their early days and major life events – will be a good means of rebuilding the faith that together they will get through everything that life throws at them.

Personalized mug set

When both partners are coffee/tea lovers, what can be a better Valentine’s gift for yourself and your loved one than a personalized mug set. A pair of mugs, just like the two of you, to remind you of the importance of small joys that often go unnoticed in the hassles of everyday life.

A gift that would show you care about your partner as well as the environment

The following picture presents an “I heart you bamboo plant”

Not only will this plant serve as a good Valentine’s gift due to its heart-shaped stems but will also help fulfil your responsibility towards the environment.

This is definitely a unique gift, especially if your partner is someone who actively supports the cause of environmental sustainability.

Dinner date

A very basic idea but one that always works: taking your partner out for a dinner date, or even better preparing a special meal for them at home. Decorate your living room with fairy lights, place candles on the dining table, dress up nicely and serve them their favorite cuisine.

This experience will not only be a unique present but one that none other can replace because surely the best gift you can give each other is your time.

If you are in two geographically different locations, a dinner date online, just like Ted and Alexis had in Schitt’s Creek can replace the actual experience but still serve the purpose. How’s that?

Personalized keychain

Our readers might as well think we have been stressing a bit too much on personalized items but shouldn’t that be the very purpose of a Valentine’s gift? Therefore, we have included a personalized keychain – in our list – that may have an imprinted message for your partner.

Whether that message is witty, romantic or caring, we leave it to you, but one thing is assured that it will remind them of you every time they are heading out with the keys in their hand.

All of the above-mentioned are affordable gift options for Valentine’s Day. They will let you express your appreciation and love for your partner without being heavy on the pocket. Remember that love speaks no language, not even that of material things and lavish gifts. If you can afford an expensive Valentine’s present, that’s great. If you can’t, try to celebrate and relive the special moments through personalized gifts and see the glow on your partner’s face.

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