On a lookout for good April fools’ pranks? Here are a few of them

April 1. This is the date that everyone looks forward to. Pranks are planned in advance to be played at friends and potential ways of safeguarding oneself are looked into. However, rarely is anyone able to steer clear of the mischief(s) – the hallmark of this day.

Since the month is just around the corner, we have brought to you a collection of good April fools’ pranks.

The remote that wouldn’t “control”

Let’s admit, the fight for possession of TV remote is no less than a dispute over inherited property. To prank your housemates, a hilarious trick would be covering the sensor with a small piece of tape. See them helplessly smacking the remote as they struggle to change the channel, and get amused at the sight.

The food has eyes

Who doesn’t like midnight snacks? Imagine as you open the refrigerator, you find every edible item staring at you with tiny, black eyes.

The unexpected sight would surely scare you, and you would want to run away from the fridge.

However, if you experience something like this on April 1, don`t worry. It would most likely be a leg-pull by one of your siblings.

Amongst good April fools’ pranks, lies the fun of sticking a fake pair of eyes on all the items in the refrigerator, at least those placed on the front. The person opening the door would jump at the sight of food that has eyes and is staring at them, as if telling them not to eat it.

To make the incident memorable, and one you might laugh at later, get a handy video camera to record the expressions of your prey.

Where’s that noise coming from?

Harmless pranks not only add to the fun, but also help strengthen the bond of friendship. We spend the most part of our day with our colleagues. It is then inevitable that some of them become like family.

Under such circumstances, tricking them brings as much joy as fooling around with our close friends.

One prank to play at your office buddies would be to attach a horn to their seat, so every time they try sitting on it, they are forced to stand up again, wondering where that noise is coming from – until of course, they find out the source and get even with you.

Enjoy the treat

Who doesn’t love chocolates? If you know someone who has a sweet-tooth and would almost never say “no” to a dessert, you are already aware of their pain point.

The best April fools’ prank to be played at such people would be offering them something sweet that turns out to be tasting exactly different.

How about coating some onions in chocolate and serving them to your foodie friends?

What are you doing?

Not just a good April fools’ prank, but surely the best one. It would leave your partner or spouse horrified while you roll on the floor in fits of laughter.

This stunt can only be pulled off if you have a baby in the house. Place a bar of melted chocolate inside an unused diaper, and then lick it off when your spouse is looking.

Be amused at the horror on their face and enjoy the true essence of the day.

Stop honking

If your target is an excellent driver who is fussy about unnecessary honks, paste a chit of paper reading “honk and smile” on their car, such that it is not easily visible to them.

Imagine them getting confused as well as irritated at the purposeless honks, followed by seemingly creepy smiles from strangers.

Insect lamps

Cut out cardboards in the shape of insects and stick them on the inner side of the lamps. Any person turning the light on would be freaked out at the sight thinking those creepy-crawly creatures are actually present in the lamps.

This prank would particularly work well on people who are scared of insects.

Was it a blast?

A hilarious prank would be to hide a bubble wrap under the bathmat of your target. Imagine them being confused at “crack-like” voices as they step on the mat.

The list of April fools’ pranks is endless. We have shared with you the ones that are our favorite. We hope you enjoy pulling them off successfully at your friends. However, do remember that the pranks must be harmless and should not damage a person’s feelings. The purpose should be to have some light-hearted fun, not to ridicule anyone.

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