A collection of awkward and funny names

Most parents wish to give their newborns a unique name. However, in their attempt to stand out, they sometimes come up with hilarious titles that present a lifetime of embarrassment to their kids.

Although some family members are guilty of purposely suggesting funny names and then pursuing them in reality, others are oblivious to the fact that a name that holds a certain significance in their language or culture may have a completely different meaning in another part of the world.

Below are examples of some uncommon names that will make you wonder what those who suggested them might have been thinking.

Mr. Perv!

If you hear someone being referred to by that title, you are bound to feel uncomfortable around them, for this word brings nothing but negative thoughts to one’s mind.

Now imagine Perv being a fifth-grade school teacher. Before you start fretting over his student’s safety, take a minute to grasp the fact that the poor guy might not necessarily be a pervert. Perv might just be the name given to him at birth.

If you are wondering why anyone would want to call their kid by that name, you are not alone.

Agreed that some individuals are pessimistic by nature, but is it possible for parents to find out the personality type at birth? If not, what made the family of this individual name him “Saad Maan”?

Whether he is a sad man as his name suggests or a happy-go-lucky person, we know not. However, his name is unique and might have a very different meaning in his local language.

We agree that no one is consulted before they are named, but the least this guy could have done is request the institution to either state his complete name on his graduating photograph, or just his initials.

If you have a friend whose name reminds you of food and s/he has been at the mercy of your brutal jokes now and then, you’d be able to relate to the connotation of Chris P. Bacon.

If not, try re-reading the encircled name in the above image. Now that you have figured out what we’re pointing at, are you craving some crispy bacon?

Pronounced as “wet farts”, the awkward, yet the funny name of Dr. Whet Faartz would probably have been a struggle for him since childhood.

After all, being gazed upon in astonishment whenever your name is called out is not easy. This is something we can imagine happening to Whet.

The Arabic word “bin” means “son of”.

Given the identity document shown in the image above, “Batman Bin Suparman” reflects the fact that someone was not only named after Superman in reality, but the person chose to formally name his son Batman too!

Whether all members of the family were die-hard fans of the fictional characters or they thought being named as such would magically transfer some of the special powers to them, we know not.

When someone named Kash Register is reported to have been exonerated, the scenario does somewhat become amusing.

We do not know what the poor guy was wrongfully accused of, however, let’s not disagree that the first thought which comes to our minds is him being absolved from taking cash out of the register.

Whether this was the lady’s original name or a pseudo one, but we bet kids who saw this news must have bawled their eyes out upon hearing about the arrest of Donald Duck.

Doesn’t this billboard look shady? The funny name of the doctor alone causes one to raise their eyebrows, but the announcement that Dr. Pornsak also has a room available for rent makes this advertisement look like anything but a healthcare provider’s promotion.

Finally, a unique name that does bring a smile to one’s face, but not mockingly or hilariously. Every human being, every creation of nature is a beautiful existence in itself, but naming one’s beloved child as such reflects how precious they must have been for their parents.

On a side note, this woman’s beauty does justice to her name, doesn’t it?

In the English language, the term “déjà vu” refers to the feeling that whatever one is going through at the moment has already been experienced by them in the past.

The girl’s name Deja Viau instantly reminds one of the words déjà vu.

It seems as if this woman’s parents jumbled together with all their interests and formed a name for her. Maybe her mother was a foodie and her dad enjoyed sports or vice versa?

Whatever be the case, every time someone calls out her full name: “Cherries Waffles Tennis”, she is bound to get a lot of attention and confused glances from those around her.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of funny and unique names. The next time you are thinking of a name for any newborn in your family, do make sure you give careful thought to the repercussions it could have for the kid if the connotation turns out to be negative.

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