8 Tips to get last minute hotel bargains that nobody knows!

Are you on a hunt for last-minute hotel bargains? Try waiting until the last day of your booking. It will pay you off for sure!

Summers are the best time of the year to go on vacation. Similarly, it is the best time for hotels to quote as much as they want. But you know what?. We can still strike the best bargain deals at the last minute since every hotel has a target occupancy rate to meet before a specific time and date. If they fail, you will see it in the form of reduced prices a few days before your check-in date or sometimes on your arrival day. This means the longer you wait, the more extensive benefits you reap.

4 – Websites for last-minute hotel bargains in 2021

8 – Tips to get last minute hotel deals cheap

Striking for the best last-minute hotel deals is not a challenging task but requires some tips and techniques. We have shared those tips with you below.

Call hotels directly

Be shameless if you want to hit the best deal. You must be wondering what that means now. Well, if you wish to have the best vacation of your life and get a cozy stay. Then don’t be ashamed of asking hotels for discounts. This one is the easiest trick that, unfortunately, very few people try. If you rely entirely on the internet to show you cheap hotel packages, you better expect nothing good. Instead, use your cell phone to call all the hotels on your list one by one.

For instance, if the hotel you want to book has several rooms available that must be filled within 48 hours, there are high chances that you will get a discount. However, you need to ask the hotel manager for it otherwise they won’t offer you any by themselves.

Be Flexible

We completely understand how dates are crucial when planning a vacation. Especially when you are with family, you need to keep the school dates of your child in mind as well. However, being a little flexible will help you find the best hotel deal last minute. To be on the safe side, you can book a hotel that will give you a full refund on cancellation. After making a reservation, wait until you get a cheaper hotel room a few days before your check-in date. If you get successful, you will enjoy the same luxurious amenities at the same price. As far as kids’ school dates are concerned, a small application to the teachers would resolve this issue.

For instance, if you have booked a 5-star hotel room and find some rooms available in a 4-star hotel close to your departure date. Switching to the 4-star will save you some money.

Organizational Discount

Most of the time, you miss out on some perks just because you were unaware of them. Some organizations have good relations with hotel chains. Even if they are not partners, hotels provide their partner’s employees with some discounts for the sake of their good terms. However, still, you have to ask for it as these types of discounts are not advertised on the internet or TV.

For instance, if you are an employee of an automobile company, you can ask the hotel if they offer any discount to the members or employees of that company. If they do, they will let you know.

Use Hotel Apps

In past years, when there was no such online flexibility to book a hotel. People used to call directly to hotels and book their rooms. This helps in building a connection with the hotel chain. And hotels also willingly give discounts to their loyal customers. Today, you can do so via phone. Just download their app and whenever you go on vacation, book through that app. You will get a discount after a few bookings.

For instance, if you download the Hilton Honors app, you will get some points on every booking through this app. When you accumulate points enough to get a room for free. Redeem those points during a peak vacation season.

Set price alerts

Another way to avail of last-minute hotel bargains is by signing up with booking websites. Once you sign up with online booking apps like Kayak, Priceline, and hotels.com, you can set an alert when the price drops.

For instance, if you sign-up with Priceline.com and set an alert with your price range. The app will notify you whenever the prices drop and come under your range, allowing you to book right away.

Sign-up for Membership program

Several hotels offer membership programs via which they offer steep discounts. The underlying idea is to benefit the members through secret pricing.

For instance, if you sign-up with hotels.com, you will get access to their secret pricing in which they list rooms at discounted rates that are not available online.

Opt for business hotels

Business trips must be boring, but business hotels aren’t. When everyone is searching for the best resorts with amenities during peak vacation season, only a few people search for business hotels. This is a great time to exploit such hotel offerings. Moreover, you will get these hotels available at the last minute.

For instance, if you want to book a room just on the day you fly, head to any business hotel’s website or call them directly. You will definitely get a room on the spot.

Check for hotels away from the city

This is another hack to get a last-minute hotel bargain. If you look for hotels away from the city or popular tourist destinations, you will find a big room at cheap rates. However, you will have to pay extra for the conveyance.

For instance, if you plan to visit Australia, check for the hotels located in suburban areas.

Bottom line

All you need is an active mind and the tips mentioned above to get last-minute hotel bargains. In case you miss out on any of that, you always have your credit card on hand. Check if your credit card company offers discounts on any hotel. If you are in luck, you will get a luxurious room at reduced prices. However, do not forget to compare prices for different hotels because if you don’t, you will end up paying high prices for low-grade rooms.

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