8 Tips on how to get cheap hotel rooms

How does a budget-friendly hotel with a breathtaking view sound to you? Well, they will be your results if you know exactly how to get cheap hotel rooms every time you travel. 

Undoubtedly, hotel booking is the most complex and time-consuming part of a vacation plan yet the essential one. You have to be smart enough in your research if you want to enjoy a relaxing vacation. What if we say we can turn this complicated task into the easiest one- would you feel relieved then? We have come up with some tips and tricks to book a hotel room at cheap rates which can save an extensive amount if you follow these tips exactly.

What will you get from this guide?

  • You will learn a step-by-step process to book a hotel room cheaply.
  • You will learn how to discover the best budget-friendly hotel deals 
  • You will know how to save money on hotels through credit cards
  • You will learn about hotel reward programs for discount offers
  • You will get some tips to get more extended stays at cheap prices
  • You will learn about various websites offering the best-priced hotel deals

If you want to learn all about them in detail, scroll down and continue reading!

  • 8 Tips – How to get cheap hotel rooms
  • Use Credit Cards with Big Cashback perks
  • Sign-up to hotel’s loyalty programs
  • Download Hotel Booking Apps
  • Check Hotels with Cheap Prices
  • Book in Advance
  • Consider Season of Visit
  • Stay longer to save
  • Check for all-inclusive Packages

8 Tips – How to get cheap hotel rooms

Following are the tips and step-by-step guide to getting the cheapest hotel room for your vacation. 

Use Credit Cards with Big Cashback perks

The easiest way to save money on hotel booking is through credit cards. Especially, regular travelers, either domestic or international, reap the benefits of using it the most. 

How it works

  • Get a credit card that offers travel-specific rewards.
  • Use it while making a hotel booking every time. 
  • For instance, if you are saving $6 on each hotel booking, after crossing 10, you will get a reward of $60 in your account. 
  • To get more points, use your credit card to clear gasoline, grocery bills, and make online purchases.
  • Once you have collected all the reward points, use them at once to book flights, trains, or hotels for your future vacation at discounted rates. 

Sign-up to hotel’s loyalty programs

This one is the most prominent and easiest way to get a hotel room cheaply. No matter which travel site you choose for hotel booking, signing up with them will save you some cash. 

How it works

  • For instance, if you choose bookings.com for your hotel booking. You will get straight 15 percent off on your room, inclusive of breakfast. 
  • To avail of the Genius level 1 discount, you need to book two hotel stays in 2 years. While for Genius level 2, you will be required to book five hotel stays in 2 years. 
  • You can get similar deals from other hotel booking engines as well. Seal the deal where you find the best offer. 

Download Hotel Booking Apps

Using smartphone apps to make hotel booking is another way to get the best discounts on hotel rooms. Even though it is a marketing strategy to promote hotel booking apps, but still you can reap big benefits.

How it works

  • Sign-up to Bookings.com and find a hotel at your desired vacation spot through a desktop browser. 
  • Now, download the bookings.com app on your phone. Look for the exact dates you want to book a hotel room in your desired travel location. 
  • Now search for mobile-only offers. You will find 5 percent, 10 percent, or even 20 percent off on certain hotels.

Check Hotels with Cheap Prices

If you truly wish to book the cheapest hotel, you have to do some research by yourself to unearth the best offers.

How to do it

  • Check for cheap hotels from the hotel booking engine that you like and shortlist them.
  • Contact directly to those hotels on their number.
  • Negotiate with them for free parking, room upgrades, and complimentary breakfast. To the maximum, they will refuse you politely, but there’s no harm in trying. Sometimes it pays off.

Book in Advance

If you are a super-organized traveler, you might love this option. When researching hotel bookings in advance, always go for a room that offers a free cancellation option. This means you will be refunded if you cancel your booking anytime. 

How it works

  • Hotel search engines provide you with two choices, either get a non-refundable cheap rate or a free cancellation high-rate room.
  • If you are not sure about your dates but don’t want to wait for the prices to rise by the time you have final dates. Book a high-rate free cancellation room.
  • This way, you will have your desired hotel room at early bird prices with a free cancellation option. 

Consider Season of Visit

When it comes to traveling, you must strongly consider the timings of your visits. Otherwise, you will end up paying high rates for below-average-rated hotels. 

How it works

  • If you are going in an off-season, check the hotel you want to stay in on the hotel search engine. However, don’t reserve it until you reach the destination. 
  • Once you have reached, negotiate the prices with the owner since it would be an off-season, so the probability will be high that you get a discount. 
  • On the contrary, if you are going on a short trip in a peak season. You better consider including more weekdays on your trip calendar, as the weekends are typically busier with tourists. Moreover, you might get a room at comparatively better rates on weekdays than on the weekend. 

Stay longer to save

You might be wondering how staying long can save you money? Well, if you increase your number of days of stay with the same hotel. It will drive down the average cost on a per night basis. 

How it works

  • For instance, you book a hotel in Jackson, Wyoming, to visit Yellowstone. One night will cost you $70, 2 nights $130, and 3 nights $180. The average price drops each night. 
  • Before booking any hotel, check for how much it will drop if you increase your stay.
  • Beware, this may not be the case with every hotel. 

Check for all-inclusive Packages

If you plan to visit a resort this summer, check for different types of offers that other resorts offer. More precisely, search for self-catering, half/full board, and all-inclusive options. Depending on your trip type, you can potentially save big by selecting the best kind of package. 

How it works

  • If you are planning a two-week trip or more, consider going for an all-inclusive package with your hotel. You will cut substantial costs. 
  • Conversely, if you opt to eat out of the resort, go for self-catering, and you will save money on the initial hotel payment.

The hotel industry is pretty competitive. Supply often outweighs the demand, which results in an opportunity for us. You can make the most of them if you know the right tips like the ones we have mentioned above. 

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