7-Holiday cell phone deals pranks: Let the fun unravel!

In these scorching hot summers, who would mind having a nice blow of laughter? No wonder we have gone digital, still, we have got an enormous variety of pranks that can fool your friends without too much effort! Smart cell phones have enabled us to try long overdue pranks on our friends, coworkers, and family. These small pranks provide big moments of laughter to cherish all our lives.

Keeping that in mind, we have decided to share some funny holiday cell phone deals pranks to provide you with hilarious prank ideas. Since so many of us are staying at home this year, it’s a perfect opportunity to pull over some of these pranks with your close friends. But before checking them out, here’s a few pranks diffusing signs that you might need later.

  • 4 – signs to notice a prank
  • 10 – brilliant prank ideas of 2021
  • Who is this?
  • Leave them in curiosity
  • There’s something creepy under the bed
  • Foggy Froggy Daily Subscription
  • Adore you
  • I’m so Fired
  • Delete that picture

4 – Signs to notice a prank

  • They will ask you to do weird things
  • They don’t reveal their id
  • They always have some odd name
  • They always tell you what you wanted to hear

10 – Brilliant prank ideas of 2021

Following are some hilarious but safe pranks that will burst you into laughter without hurting the other person.

Who is this?

People who text you for the first time make the perfect candidate to prank. And the fun gets doubled when they are not sure that they have texted on the right number. You can play along with them like:

Stephan: Hi, how are you doing?

You: nothing much, who is this?

Stephan: Hey, don’t you recognize me? This is Jane here. Let’s have a chat over coffee.

You: Jane who? I don’t know anyone with this name.

Stephan: Stop playing with me! Do you want to go for a coffee or not?

You: sorry! Not going out with a stranger!

Leave them in curiosity

Send a WhatsApp message to your friend that you have to tell him/her something really important. Then download a texting dot gif and send it to them. Your friend will keep staring at it curiously about what you are going to reveal. After a while, they will know it’s a gif of texting dots when they look closely.

You: Hey John, I have something important to tell you

John: what? Spill it now!

You: I don’t know how to put this. It’s very complicated.

John: ok, now you are freaking me out

You: *texting dots* gif

John: How long will you take, man? Say it and get done with it.

You: …….

There’s something creepy under the bed

For this prank, you need to have a toy mouse or just a toy mouse tail. Put it under the bed in a way that half of the tail is exposed to you. Now, text your friend or family, frightened.

You: There is something creepy under the bed! I’m freaking out.

Brother: Go closer and check what it is?

You: are you crazy? I’m not going closer!

Brother: is it alive or what?

You: I have no idea.

Brother: Get something and check if it moves.

You: No! I can’t

Brother: I’m on my way home!

You: Got ya! It was a prank! “send your selfie holding the tail” with the caption.

Foggy froggy daily subscription

So, here’s the gist: make a fake id on WhatsApp with the name Foggy Froggy daily subscription. Also, don’t forget to put a frog picture on display to make it look realistic. Send a congratulation msg to your friend on taking the subscription.

You: Hey Alex! Thank you for signing up with us! We are excited to share the most unique and colorful frogs pictures with you daily.

Alex: I didn’t subscribe to it.

You: These adorable froggys won’t stop arriving. You will get to see them daily.

Alex: Stop texting. I don’t want to see any frogs.

You: Thank you for becoming a permanent member of the Foggy Froggy. From today you will start getting cute froggys in their natural habitat.

Alex: Hey! I want to cancel it now.

You: We are grateful to you for signing up with us. Here is the first picture of the mud frog. Check it out!

Adore you

This is a prank for your partners. Choose any love song with lyrics. Start using it in the middle of the conversation going on. Keep texting the lyrics, and if your partner doesn’t figure it out. Text him/her that it was a prank!

Here we took the song “adore you”

You: You don’t have to say that you love me

Spouse: honey! I do adore you.

You: You don’t have to say anything.

Spouse: But why?

You: You don’t have to say you are mine.

Spouse: I give up, now tell me where is this going?

You: I would walk through fire just for you. Let me adore you.

I’m so Fired

Text your friend at work that you have messed up things. Keep building upon it without clearly telling him/her what you did wrong.

You: Jack? I’m so fired!

Jack: What? What happened?

You: I had this last chance to save my job, and I blew it completely.

Jack: Are you serious? Tell me what you did?

You: I don’t know what to do now. Should I confess it to the boss?

Jack: At least tell me what you did?

Jack: Now you stop responding. Would you please tell me what the heck you do?

You: I accidentally ate my boss’ lunch from the kitchen. LOL. It was a prank!

Delete that picture

Choose a friend or a person who has so many friends. Also, that person should be a regular user of social media and have a lot of pictures with friends on it. Now, what you have to do is just remove your picture and contact information and message that person, pressurize him/her to delete your picture with them.

You: Hey! Sorry for disturbing you at this hour but can you please remove my picture with you.

Random person: Which one?

You: the one with our group and you standing in the front.

Random person: ok, doing it. But who are you?

You: I’m the one standing on the right, sipping on a beer. I don’t look good, so please remove it.

Random person: I guess. But I’m still clueless. Who are you?

These were some epic holiday cell phone deals pranks that we had shortlisted. But before you try it with your friends, make sure you don’t put anyone off with it. Choose your prank target wisely, and don’t go too far with the joke,

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