7 Best cami shapers: A comfortable body shape solution for plus-size figure

Having a weekend party but worried about the plus-size figure? Don’t worry as we have shortlisted the best cami shapers which will not only smooth your figure but also give you a perfect look for every occasion! Now unplanned parties won’t be a problem for you anymore!

Comfortable, smooth, and undetectable; these are the primary features that women look for in shapewear. Without these qualities, any shapewear would be useless, even if it’s giving you a perfect body shape. However, choosing the right one that fulfills all your needs requires a lot of research.

Your search for the best cami shapers will definitely be sorted after reviewing the list and you will be thanking us later as it will surely be meeting your budget and completely fits the requirement for a perfect body. Also, the body shapers that we have outlined have received the best ratings from customers. Here is a summary of prices for you to check out which one will work best for you.

What’s in the guide?

  • Top 7 Cami Shapers
  • 7- best cami shaper for body toning
  • Hane’s Women Stretchable Cami with Built-in Bra
  • Beautyin Women’s Cotton Camisole
  • Spanx – Higher Power Shorts
  • Miraclesuit – Shape Away Extra Control Torsette
  • Yumie – Seamless Shape Wear Tank Top
  • Bali – Lace N Smooth Body Briefer
  • Vassarette – Smooth Slip Shorts

Top 7 Cami Shapers

Now you don’t have to wear yourself out anymore. These best cami shapers offer something for everyone. Let’s check out the features of each one of them in detail.

7- best cami shaper for body toning

We have listed customer’s top-rated cami shapers with their features, pros, and cons. Have a look!

Hane’s women stretchable cami with built-in bra


If you are looking for a cami with a built-in bra, you have to check out Hane’s cami shaper. It just doesn’t have a built-in bra but fits perfectly on every body type.


  • It is 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex jersey.
  • The built-in shelf bra provides support and coverage.
  • It has a cotton-rich soft fabric that moves with you all through the day.
  • It comes with skinny straps that can be easily adjusted at the back.  


  • It looks great in layers.
  • It doesn’t come with a scratch label.
  • It is machine washable


  • The fabric fades quickly after a few washes.

Beautyin women’s cotton camisole


This ultra-soft and breathable cami from Beautyin works as an all-rounder. It can be used as both outerwear and sleepwear.


  • It is made of soft cotton fabric.
  • It has a built-in shelf bra.
  • It has a modest scoop neckline.


  • It is stretchable and ultra-soft to wear.
  • It is breathable.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It can be used for every kind of styling.


  • It has a short length
  • It is too loose from the top.

Spanx – higher power shorts

power shots

Spanx higher power shorts are designed with soft, seamless yarns that offer smooth results with less squeeze. Its smooth texture will make you fall in love with it so you want to wear it every day. These do-it-all style shorts effortlessly contour your thighs, hips, and tummy area. The high-waist shape is designed to get rid of the muffin top and keep the slip-waistband in place.


  • It targets the stomach while providing overall support with less squeeze for comfort and easy movement.
  • It is a high-waist design.
  • It is 55 percent Nylon and 45 percent elastane.


  • It is lightweight
  • Its soft material offers medium firmness to let you breathe easily.
  • It is four in one – just one piece to contour hips, butt, thighs, and tummy.


  • It rolls down too much.

Miraclesuit – shape away extra control torsette


Now you can shape your back fat and muffin top with the help of this comfortable torsette by Miraclesuit. It is specially designed using revolutionary Back Magic technology to contour the torso.  Additionally, with its flexible stays, double panels, and firm control design, you will get a transformed tummy, waist, hips, and high. It is undoubtedly an excellent investment if you wish to have a contoured figure.


  • It reduces the mid-riff bulges.
  • It controls the lower back fat
  • It stops the muffin top from forming.
  • It is 82 percent Nylon and 18 percent elastane


  • It stays in place for hours.
  • It gives you more compression than other shape wears.
  • It has a bottom closure to make your restroom visits easy. 


  • It is slightly tricky to get on.
  • Some customers have reported feeling suffocated in it. 

Yumie – seamless shape wear tank top

tank top

If you are looking for a daily wear tank top, Yumie’s shapewear tank top will work best for you. You can pull it off separately or can wear it under tops. It doesn’t feel constricting as other shape wears out there do. It is specially designed with extra compression at the midsection (around the tummy). Thus, it gives you a beautiful upper body shape.


  • It is 95.5 percent Nylon and 4.5 percent spandex.
  • Machine wash
  • You can wear it under any top as a layering piece.


  • You won’t feel the need to wear a bra under this tank top.
  • It is pretty affordable.
  • It slims out the back fat and belly bulge. 


  • It cannot be tucked into pants and that’s why it rolls up.
  • It is not mainly for contouring purposes

Bali – lace n smooth body briefer


Give your natural curves a well-deserved look by buying this cami shaper. Even the most incredible shapewear is powerless against this Lace N smooth Body Briefer. Unlike other shapewear, it doesn’t constrict your body. This single piece solely controls everything comfortably and works better than sectional shape wears.


  • It has a breathable lace pattern style.
  • It has a bottom closure.
  • It is 72 percent Nylon and 28 percent Spandex.
  • Its lacy fabric delivers outstanding shaping performance.


  • It is one of the best-selling cami shapers on Amazon.
  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • It perfectly shapes your tummy, waist, and derriere.
  • Its stretchy material won’t make you feel suffocated. 


  • After a few wears, the thin area around the flowers starts to fray

Vassarette – smooth slip shorts

slip shots

Vassarette smooth slip shorts are lightweight and seamless. They will contour your lower body without constricting it. Consider them as a layering bottom that can be worn comfortably under anything. Moreover, they are super affordable –  means you can buy multiple pairs and can wear them every day.


  • It is made of ultra-soft fabric.
  •  It has a pull-on closure.
  • It offers a secure fit that doesn’t roll down throughout the day


  • It is undetectable.
  • It is made of comfortable material that can be worn throughout the day.
  • It offers decent quality for the price.
  • It is super stretchy.


  • It might not work well for aged women.

The next time you go out for cami shaper shopping. Try out our recommended ones, and you will be more than satisfied. However, don’t forget to check out the pros and cons before considering any of them.

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