5 Most haunted places in Washington state

Believe it or not, people do get goosebumps when they watch horror movies. You can relate to the experience, if you have watched a horror movie at a cinema. And right after the end of the movie, its after-effects haunt you all through the night. Isn’t it?

Horror stories and movies are often based on real-life events that have influenced people to the core.

You may know about some of the haunted places. In this article, we will  list down some of the most haunted places in Washington State.

Washington State is supposed to be a paradise for its admirers because of its green hills and mountains. If you are visiting Washington state, then you might want to go to some of the haunted places. Right? Fasten your seat belts, we are heading towards a ghostly adventure!!

Tokeland Hotel

You must have heard about haunted mansions. There’s a hotel in Washington state that has a peculiar story about the spirits that took their lives in this hotel.

One of the stories is about a Chinese immigrant named Charlie who stayed up there for a night, and was found dead the other day due to suffocation. Today, his spirit roams across the hotel, seemingly harmless, and rooted to the ground of the Tokleand Hotel.

Black Diamond Cemetery

Being a cemetery, it may not surprise you if we say that persistent reports regarding untoward incidents were received from the place. Some people have reported that they have heard whistling sounds and screaming voices especially at night.

Tacoma Old City Hall:

Like any old building, Tacoma Old city building has its own sare in haunted stories. It’s an old Italian building. Since 1970, Police have continuously reported incidents about bells ringing continuously. Moreover, fire alarms, light flashing and sound of coughing with shadowy apparitions were also seen there.

Mount Baker Theater

Since 1927, people have reported about their unavoidable spine-tingling experiences about the theater. Visions of spirits in the air, lights targeting people from nowhere, screaming voices, were also heard at the theater.

Mental Hospital, Sedro-Woolley

More or less 2000 mental patients were treated in the hospital. Many of them died due to the brutality of the physicians including high sterilization, physical labor, electric shock therapy, and even lobotomies.

Peculiar activities have been reported from the hospital, one of them was about a nurse pushing a man on a wheelchair.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you seen any in real time?

Share any paranormal activity you have witnessed. We will come out with some more exciting topics later on, that you love to read. Until then, be safe and keep exploring.

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