30 Best funny work memes that will make you go nuts

Even if you have gotten your dream job, still you have to wake up with 10 snoozed alarms every morning. Trust us, every job routine is quite monotonous. And of course, we all want to stay at a beach while having Pina colada and forgetting about all the annoying work deadlines. But sadly we have a costly lifestyle to manage, loved ones to assist, and uncountable bills to pay.

So, is there any light of hope for an office job?

The moment you think that your job is just horrible, a funny joke gets cracked in the office room and you start laughing uncontrollably. That is when funny work meme shop into your office life. They might be cracked by your colleague or you might end up reading them somewhere on the internet. Such jokes include: Babbling about your boss at his back, getting to hear about an unexpected day off, or finding ways to disappear from the office.

So, have you tried anything and everything lame to avoid work?

Do you go to the bathroom without pauses so that you can waste some time? Are you someone who just initiates typing total crap whenever your boss is around? Have you ever faced a situation when you were hell bored which led you to work eventually?

If the answer to all these questions is ‘Yes,’ then we all are on the same boat. And so to run from your job routine for a while, you can use the language of funny work memes.

Moreover, you can use these memes to break the ice with a new coworker. After all, some laughing frets are pretty good for your health. So without further ado, let’s look into our today’s fun session about funny work memes.


If you are hunting for the best funny work memes, then you are at the right place. However, make sure to read these memes silently because we don’t want your boss to catch you red-handed.

Moreover, ensure these memes don’t breach any policy at work. We are just here to bring a smile to your face and don’t intend to cause any trouble. So read these work memes at your own responsibility.

Now, keep scrolling while giggling and wasting your time!

Keto diet vs donuts

This meme must have reminded you of your Keto diet days. And if you have someone in your office who brings donuts or yummy foods while you are on your diet, then you must be having the same reaction as this gorilla in the above picture.

Bad day at the office

We just hope that your job isn’t this tough pal!

Annoying co-worker

When you are that coworker who tends to bother everyone at the office but appears absolutely amazing as well!

Email dilemma

What can be more annoying than the ‘per my last email’ statement? So if someone is about to type that, you better run away.

Was there even a hiring policy?

We all are pretty much aware of a bad coworker that makes us ponder how they managed to get this job and how they still exist here!

The irrelevant email

Well, if you will ask the same question again, then you are going to get this kinda look for sure.

Terrific suggestion

We believe most of you guys will agree to the suggestion of an Alcohol vending machine for sure. After all, Alcohol is quite fun to have at work. Isn’t it?

Is this even called an office?

When you are a lover of toys and you want to keep yourself entertained at the office, then your office desk pretty much looks like this.

Unscheduled zoom meetings

When it’s 2021 and zoom meetings have become the new normal, then you better stay prepared for the sudden video calls. But your swag for attending the zoom meeting on the first day and then on the 14th day is quite different.

How to be a bird?

Now, this is something that we all wish for every day.

So isn’t there an easy way to be a bird?!

If procrastinating your work has a face!

Oh boy! This is so damn relatable!

Fridays are special

We all have to admit that Fridays are just incredibly amazing. So if you are someone who waits for Friday every week, then you must have understood this men’s reason for sadness

When your alarm betrays you!

Why don’t you buy an alarm clock that doesn’t work?!

Everything is just perfect

This man is surely an optimistic person! Can we get such motivation too?

Friends with a monster (Aka boss)

If you have added your boss on Facebook, then let me tell you, that isn’t a good idea at all!

Over Efficient boss

This happens when your boss absolutely sucks and acts over efficient.

The only work escape is to go to your home

LOL! This one is just epic!

Things you have to do for your job

Keep up that fake laugh buddy!

Panic attacks

We all hate Mondays for a reason.

No wonder who invented Mondays!

Isn’t there a policy to leave early?

There should be a policy to leave the office early.

Unprofessional co-workers

If you have immature office colleagues, then you must have gotten our point.

You need to get your shit together

We know this funny work meme is hilarious, but we wanna go home right now.

Story of every employee

Believe it or not, working from home is a blessing in disguise.

Be aware of the Hitler boss

Well, your Hitler boss pays you for a reason.

All of us like the resignation idea

Can we escape already?!

HR and workers can’t be friends

Indeed, conversations with the HR department aren’t sweet at all. And it gets worse when they show you your written emails, which are mostly about your job rants. So be smart while posting.

Is it a job or a headache?

When you dislike your job and it doesn’t provide you a handsome salary package as well (Ouch! That hurts).

When you just have to survive the day anyhow

When you just have to show up to your workplace so that you can survive the week.

Things you have to do to get your salary

Well, at the end of every week, that salary check does look beautiful.

Last day is just the best day

This is exactly how you should leave your job!

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