15 Instances of movies described badly that make sense!

Movies serve as a great source of entertainment, right? You have a very niche interest regarding something, chances are, there is a movie covering that topic. This is why films form such a big part of pop culture. This article is an amalgamation of the topmost entertaining things in pop culture, movies, and memes. Yes, we’re talking about movies described badly. Let’s dig into what we have to say about this.

Movies described badly or #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly was a meme trend in which people divided classic/famous movies to lay out the plot in hilarious one-liners. But you have to give it a fighting chance before you get contemptible and offended on behalf of your favorite movie.

Explain yourself Mr. Willy Wonka

If you cannot recognize this picture, you might be too young. But imagine Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory instead, and everything will make sense. People reviewed him as a Narcissist! What an irony!

Fairy Godmother has internalized patriarchal believes 

Cinderella has had several critics over the years, even her Prince Charming was not spared. Though nobody had the courage to review Fairy Godmother as a  brave person.

Somewhere Stephen King is vexed 

Horror fans might have trouble letting this one go but try. Pennywise might be a squatter? How did we never think of this before?

President Snow just wanted a peaceful retirement 

Oops, the classics are here!  There are few books to movie adaptations that get as critically appreciated as The Hunger Games Trilogy does. Who knew we could have done with it in this one fine sentence. Old people do go to extremes to retire rich!

“Yer a third-wheel Harry”

A perfect alternate line Hagrid could’ve used. And if you are someone who for a good amount of time thought Harry and Hermoine were going to be a thing, welcome to the club!

Endgame to Thanos’s plan of centuries 

This is one of those memes that we were worried would make people upset. You did not go through all that trauma watching Infinity War and Endgame in theatres for someone to say it like this. Thanos is just easily hateable, so why does this explanation mildly make sense?

The first steroid experiment 

This one seems most on-pointscaringyourBat-obsessed, Cap put himself in danger to revolutionize the entire steroid industry, that’s our Captain America! This shouldn’t be in movies described badly, because this is really too accurate.

Competitive siblings are the worst  

Has your sister ever stolen your limelight? Then you might understand this one better. Siblings rivalry right?

Infinity War reboot

If there was ever a way to remember infinity war without scaring yourself, this is the one. All the other options will traumatize you for sure. Another one could be, ‘World-ending comes in the way of Ironman’s wedding preps.’ Or other similar instances that do not bring up the Loki-Thanos confrontation, or the dusting at the end.

 Batman Vs his insecurities 

Batman was the first person to say, ‘Go back to your country.’ You can’t change our minds. If you connect this with Justice League, you might be able to bring your beloved Bat-obsessed hero a redemption arc.

Disney does it again

If Gothel reminds you of boys that tried to control your life in the name of possessiveness, you might be right. We’ve all had our fair share of bad haircuts. So this one just seems just on its point that apart from finding true love with a good-hearted, one will find a mind controller.

A bad case of hair dye for Willy Wonka

This would have worked perfectly with the first meme being Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka instead of Gene Wilder. This is hilarious because you can do this with any of the other Johnny Depp movies, where he is either a mildly psychotic hatter, a man with dangerous steel weapons for hands, or a drunk pirate. Our man is just a versatile actor.

More Avengers slander

This world treats single fathers too harshly. It seems to us that all Infinity War and Endgame memes are the concepts of morality reversed. If you brought this argument to a moral philosophy class, the discussion would never end and be heated!

The rich get away with everything

After you have moved past the clear message of the power of familial love, you might need to consider Elsa’s crimes. Her crimes against the town of Arendelle and its property. You should not be able to get away with this much, just because you are the heir to the crown. Accountability above all. By the way, while we are at it, Anna is a better princess. There we said it. We love the character development in this house.

Until we see you again

What better way to end this very detailed segment with some car crashes on Tokyo drift, and found family. Now we know the sentimental value of this franchise, but tell us there aren’t too many bald guys in this with a straight face. We dare you to do it. Is hairlessness a symptom of speeding and breaking the law, but for good? Seems like it to us.

Hope you enjoyed this list of movies described badly. If there’s more we find, we’ll tell you all about it until we see you again. Dared to

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