15 Hilarious tattoo fails: Don’t miss out # 4

Are you a tattoo freak? If yes, then we’re not in the same boat. The permanent nature of tattoos scares us away. However, some folks seem to forget that fact about tattoos and end up having hilarious art on their skins for the rest of their lives. 

While most tattoos are waking nightmares, others can be literal works of art. Unfortunately, not everybody has good taste in art and knows the true meaning of tattoos. 

Key takeaways

  • Never get a tattoo from an unskilled person
  • Don’t tattoo wrong spellings you might regret later.
  • Always go for the safest tattoo designs that can never go wrong. 

Disclaimer: Moving forward, we have some epic tattoos fail cases for you. If while reading them at any point you get laughter fits, don’t hold us liable.

10 Epic tattoo fails

Following are the tattoos that might give you nightmares. Many of these tattoos were made intentionally, but their odd designs resulted in epic-ly embarrassing tattoos.

Tattoo underwear

Yikes! We didn’t know that our first encounter with a tattoo failure would be this hilarious. Well, honestly, this tattoo may get the award of the worst tattoos ever. 

For a moment, it seems like it must be a drunken mistake. But the way this man is (not) dressed, we are pretty sure he is proud of it. We hope he’s wearing real underwear. 

His first tattoo

This guy seems to be fond of pirates and clocks at the same time. Does that even make sense?

Somebody, please tell him that’s not how clocks are numbered. Again, though, the pirate ship is fun. Don’t look at the tattoo from close. This is seriously an embarrassing tattoo. We hope he doesn’t use it for a time check. 

Car’s VINcorpse-like tattoo

Can you believe it? This guy actually tattooed his car’s VIN number on his arm!

On a positive note, he won’t face any difficulties filling out his DMV forms every time. But on the other hand, this won’t be his car forever! This is an epic tattoo fail, we must say. 

Theo Stuart Davies (TSD

Oh crap!

More power to this dad for getting his son’s name tattooed on his body. Though the kid’s initial letters make his short name TSD, it looks similar to STD at a glance. However, we doubt that if Theo would like this tattoo when he grows up. 

Regret Nohing – you read it right

Oh! The irony of getting a “Regret Nohing” tattoo and spelling it wrong. Out of curiosity, is this really a tattoo failure or just a trend of getting wrong spelled tattoos? 

Well, in either case, we would rank it as the second-best epic fail. The underwear man is still on the top. 

Yankee logo

Seemingly, the Yankee logo feels quite simple to recreate, doesn’t it? though, when you grab the tattoo machine in your hand, it turns out to be the most challenging task in the world. So, Yankee fans, if you’re planning to have one on your body as well, drop it! 

Zombie tattoo

Impressive, but looks deadly. The lady in the picture must be currently on her death bed, otherwise, she would have destroyed this tattoo. Also, it feels as if some zombie has bitten her and she is just moments away from becoming one – honestly, it is one heck of a scary plus embarrassing tattoo. 

Veni Vidi Vic

The tough guy who had this weird tattoo seems like he tried to spell out that he has not got it wrong but did it intentionally. Since the true interpretation of this tattoo is, “I came, I saw, and I conquered”, and he doesn’t feel like he has achieved the last two yet. Once he does them, he will spell his tattoo correctly. 

We bet he has no clue that it’s a huge tattoo fail!

RIP Grandma

After ages, finally, we get to see a better tattoo. This one is actually beautiful as its paying tribute to the distinctive personality and style of a woman. Assuming his grandma was a tee designer like Ed Hardy. 

Johny Cash tattoo

Oh no! Somebody, please bring a freezer. Johnny Cash is melting. 

The singer would have died even earlier if he had seen his melting face on some random body. After seeing this tattoo, we can only say may his soul rest in peace. 

Bird tattoo

Getting bird tattoos are fun and sometimes looks cool – more emphasis on “sometimes.”

The hawk in this tattoo looks like somebody hit it on the face via an oversized cartoon fry pan.

Professor Quirrell

Woah! We didn’t know that Quirrell was a skilled biker in his youthful days. He should have made his final encounter with Harry Potter in one of his series, that will be scarier. What do you think? 

Mortal Kombat tattoo

We know that we are here to rip on tattoos, but we got to say this one is really cute. This man got this strange tattoo of the fictional character named Mortal Kombat that he created back when he was just 14 years old. Despite having uncountable injuries on his body.

Concept v/s final piece

Initially, while carving, the tattoo seemed so promising, making us all think that nothing could go wrong with it. And then we saw the final piece. 

We are still at the confusion about what are we supposed to be looking at here? Or is it even right to compare these two pictures? 

My mother is the heart that keeps me alive

Oh well, they visited another tattoo maker and asked him to conceal the extra “s,” but this guy also did a major mistake. 

Maybe it’s time they give up and get a large plain black tattoo on the entire shoulder unless they have a better idea to hide this.

So, these were some most embarrassing tattoo fails. But, they all give us a life lesson that we should never get a tattoo from an unskilled person or perhaps should never get it at all. 

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