14 Hilarious last day at job memes

Whether you are laid off or leave a job yourself, the last day of work is typically emotional and painful for some people. Regardless of what your job or how your relationship was at the workplace, you still feel miserable for leaving that place, and the pain gets doubled if you love your workplace. Therefore, to lessen your pain and make your last day memorable, we surfed the web to find the funniest last day at job memes.

These last day at job memes might not be enough to ease your sorrow, but we can assure you that it will cheer you up for a moment. You can share these funny memes with your friends at work and keep in touch with them. However, generally very few people continue relationships made at work and often forget their friends right after leaving the office. So, we have picked out memes for those fake friends as well. 

Best last day at job memes

Here are some best memes to lift your mood on your last day at work. Let’s start with our favorite one!

Stealing office supplies meme=

Just to make a fool out of everyone, be a happy and sound enthusiast on your last day at work to give the impression that you have stolen something precious from the office. Don’t go too far with the joke as you might look silly; also, don’t steal the office supplies. You can keep your nameplate and business card or rip them off from the office door. After all, it’s your last day. 

May the office burn down

Regardless of how happy you are for leaving your workplace, deep down, you always hope that your office building burns down because they didn’t value you. Well, in our case, the feeling is real. Most of us felt the same while walking out of our last jobs. 

Sympathetic resignation letter

When you are that person in the office, who keeps everyone united – but has to leave for bigger things. This kind of sympathy note is a perfect resignation letter for you. 

But again, this is part of life and just a bad day that will pass. Like you got a job, your co-workers and boss will also find a new employee to become your friend. 

Strolling out of work

Doing no work is another way to celebrate your last day, have fun with your co-workers and treat them to your new beginning cause why not? It’s your last day. Also, don’t get too excited and let your co-workers meet their deadlines; otherwise, they will be leaving the office with you.

Leave traps everywhere

Some employees leave traps on their last day at work. Sometimes, it doesn’t turn out well, but it’s ok, you will leave the office anyways. That said, don’t do it. It would cost you your long-woven reputation. 

Do something productive on your last day – pack your boxes

The only productive work you can perform on your last day is packing up your things and cleaning your desk. Oh, you can also write that email, right? Or you have no idea what we are talking about here. The one that you click sends only when you are fully assured that you will leave the place in a few minutes.

Farewell emails

Although the last day of work is emotional when you start writing thousands of farewell emails and googling good-bye images you feel like already leaving that place. No offense, but your boss can use this work as a punishment for your co-workers in the future.

Who said you could leave

When it’s not you but your co-worker leaving, this meme fits best in such a situation. For example, a grumpy little cat is saying, “who said you could leave” could be helpful; maybe your co-worker will change his/her mind or leave the workplace even earlier.

Last day of work or best day of lif

Is your coworker/ best friend leaving you? When your only supporter at the workplace leaves, it could be hurtful, and this meme about not crying expresses your feelings without needing you to put it into words. 

Trying not to cry on your last day at work

Typically, relationships with bosses at the workplace are quite different and less emotional, but when you are leaving and find your boss sharing the pain of your friends and co-workers, using this meme could always be fun. Of course, if your boss doesn’t feel the same, you could use it as a touch of sarcasm. No?

Saying good-bye to unseen co-worker

For the co-workers who never showed up at work and left, this meme fits best on them. Today might be their last day at work, but that’s not your business cause you guys never met, so you just sip your coffee and think about what to write in his/her recommendation letter. 

Farewell, my work is done here

If you are the awkward one at your office who doesn’t like to mingle with everyone, you could save this meme for your future resignation. A decent Star Trek Spock farewell meme will be enough for you and maybe less weird. 

It’s over, it is finally over

For the teammate or colleague who stood there with you during the downswing, this meme would work great. It will remind both of you about the stuff you had been through together. Ok, we already have teary eyes. 

Your boss’ agenda is no longer your agenda

When you attend the last meeting before giving a resignation, you can’t stop laughing because you know your boss’s agenda is no longer your agenda. Though, you might feel pity for your colleague who will be working on that agenda from next week. Sigh! 

Above are some last day job memes, from saying goodbye to emailing farewell to all the departments we have gathered everything to add some humor to your grand finale. These hilarious memes will exemplify all the hearty feelings that the last day at the office brings. It will turn your last day at work into the best day of your life. 

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