14 emoji combination meanings for everyday conversations

Did you know that emojis appeared first in 1999 with a set of 176 symbols? These symbols were created to represent time, weather, and traffic. Throughout history, people have always found ways to communicate through encrypted messages, and the modern-day version resides in the emoji. Today, we have more than 2000 emojis to convey information across language, diversity, culture, and lifestyle. Indeed, these new symbols have become the fastest form of communication in history.

These emojis are pretty simple to understand when used individually. But sometimes, we all get confused to understand emoji combination meanings. For instance, an emoji combination of the person running 🏃‍♂️and the clock ⏰ is used when someone wants to say he/she is running late.

Similarly, other short examples include:

Now that we know basic emoji combinations let’s jump towards the most complicated ones. Stay tuned with us, you will really enjoy reading this!

Emoji Combination Meanings in 2021

Following are the few emoji combinations that are most commonly being used in 2021:

I know, right?

We use this phrase typically to say to someone that you agree with their statement. This emoji combination comprises the light bulb and the right arrow emoji.

Usage in a sentence: when you were talking about the rise in petrol prices last night at the party, I was going,💡➡️

Can’t talk right now – Emoji Combination

This emoji combination comprises the speaking head emoji and the right arrow emoji. This emoji combination is used when you are in a rush and can’t type the whole message “I can’t talk right now”.

Usage in a sentence: The professor just announced that he’s taking a surprise test, so 🗣➡️

Thank you for your time – Emoji Combination

This emoji combination comprises the folded hand🙏, arrow right➡️, bust in silhouette👤, and the alarm clock ⏰. This emoji combination is typically used to thank someone for giving their time.

Usage in a sentence: 🙏➡️👤for your⏰ .The math problem you taught me last night really helped me in my maths exam.

Good night – Emoji Combination

This emoji combination comprises the thumbs up 👍 and the night with stars 🌃. emoji. We use them together to say good night to someone.

Usage in Sentence: Thank you for the awesome conversation. It was really interesting 👍🌃.

Just so you know – Emoji Combination

This emoji combination consists of the right arrow➡️, bust in silhouette👤, and bulb emoji 💡. We use the statement “Just so you know” a lot of times. This phrase is usually added after providing someone with information as a courtesy.

Usage in Sentence: Just so ➡️👤💡,I took the advice you gave me last month and decided to break up with him/her.

Talk to the hand – Emoji Combination

This emoji combination comprises the person tipping hand 💁‍♀️and the raised hand ✋. This emoji is used as a phrase to express to someone that you have had enough of their problems.

Usage in a sentence: You know what?  I have had enough of your complaining 💁‍♀️✋

Read it and weep – Emoji Combination

Here is another sassy addition to our list of emoji combinations. This emoji combination comprises the eyes👀, the closed book📕, and the loudly crying face😭 emojis. It is used when you prove someone wrong.

Usage in a sentence: I have proof to debunk your theory. Check out what I got 👀📕😭

Not my cup of tea – Emoji Combination

When you want to express your lack of interest in something, you use this emoji. It comprises the person gesturing no🙅‍♀️ and the teacup without handle☕️ emojis.

Usage in a sentence: Going to a party with that group,🙅‍♀️☕️

Hold my beer – Emoji Combination

When someone warns you that you are going to engage in a risky activity, you say hold my beer to challenge them. This emoji combination consists of the men holding hands👬 and the beer 🍺emojis.

Usage in a sentence: You say I can’t get good grades? 👬my 🍺

 Too much information – TMI emoji

When somebody reveals too much of their personal information and makes you uncomfortable, so you say “Too much of ℹ️. This emoji is called ℹ️ information symbol.

Usage in a sentence: When he/she started giving me too much information about his/her date last night, I began to say too much ℹ️ in my head.

Just got home – Emoji Combination

This is another phrase that we typically use to let someone know that you just got home. The phrase can be said by using the house🏡 emoji.

Usage in a sentence: I just got 🏡 thank you for your time today, I really enjoyed it.

Don’t cry over spilled milk – Emoji Combination

If you would like to cheer up your friends to not live with sorrow and regrets, you say don’t cry over spilled milk. The exact phrase can be expressed using the stop sign🛑, the crying face😭, and the glass of milk🥛 emojis.

Usage in a sentence: it’s okay you missed that question in the exam paper, but 🛑😭🥛anymore. The best you can do is to learn from your mistakes.

One day at a time – Emoji Combination

When you advise someone overwhelmed with his/he works, you say one day at a time means to deal with the current problems instead of thinking about the future ones. Use the large white square ⬜️and the alarm clock ⏰ emoji to convey this message.

Usage in a sentence: you can’t solve all your problems in a single day, just do what is necessary today. Take things ⬜️at a ⏰.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea – Emoji Combination

When someone loses his/her partner, you say there’s plenty of fish in the sea to console them. It means they have a lot more other options for future partners. For this phrase, you may use the fishing pole🎣 and the water wave🌊 emojis.

Usage in a sentence: I’m sorry that your boyfriend left you, but you know there is plenty of 🎣in the 🌊.

These were some emoji combinations of meanings for most common phrases. Now that you know all of them, save your time and use them to convey your message swiftly. We are hoping that will become a pro to using emoji combinations. Let’s confuse others!

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