13 kitchen cleaning products with DIY hacks

Keeping your home clean and germ-free doesn’t have to be that difficult! Whether you’re cleaning up your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, there’s a handful of products that can help you get your home into shape again!

To make your life a bit easier, we consulted three cleaning experts who shared their favorite products and tools that can help your kitchen be spotless in no time! Thereby, we have rounded up some best kitchen cleaning products and hacks to make your kitchen look cleaner than before.  

Table of Content:

  • Affordable Kitchen Cleaning Products
  • Use Dishwasher Tablet to Clean your Oven
  • Dish Soap to Unclog the Drains
  • Use Oven Cleaner to Clean the Stains of your Dutch Oven
  • Put Cotton Balls into your Stinking Garbage
  • Use Laundry Basket to get rid of Piles of Clutter
  • Use flour to Polish Stainless-steel sink
  • Use Cooking Spray to get clean bathrooms
  • Use chalk to clean your filthy garments
  • Dry hand-washed dishes with a dishwasher
  • DIY pot scrubber
  • Use mesh produce bags to wash small items
  • Try baking soda to get rid of the stubborn coffee stains
  • Use baking soda and lemon juice to banish sink odors

Affordable kitchen cleaning products

Following we have listed the best product for kitchen cleaning, all of them are available at affordable rates on Amazon.com:

  • Astonish dishwasher tablet – $20.98
  • Puracy Natural Dish soap – $17.99
  • Easy-Off dishwasher cleaner –  $18
  • Pure-aid cotton balls –  $4
  • Jack&Chris Laundry Hamper – $8
  • Choose Foods cooking spray – $8

These products will help you with the kitchen cleaning hacks that we are going to reveal in a bit. So, scroll down and check them out!

13 – Kitchen cleaning hacks!

Below we have some easiest kitchen cleaning hacks that will help you carry out your cleaning mission successfully.

Use dishwasher tablet to clean your oven

Who could have thought that a tiny dishwasher tablet can be so useful? You can use it to clean your oven apart from dish cleaning. Also, it can be an incredible toilet cleaner. Seriously, do give it a try.

Dish soap to unclog the drains

Washing oily and greasy dishes slow down or sometimes completely clogs our drains over time. But now we don’t have to worry anymore. Just squirt a few drops of dish soap down there and run hot water. You will find it unclogged in a few minutes.

Dish soaps are specially formulated to cut grease and oils. Squirting them in drains will cut the grease accumulated in your drain pipes. It is the easiest way to deal with a slow drain.

Use oven cleaner to clean the stains of your Dutch oven

It is a proven hack that oven cleaners are very helpful for cleaning stains of dutch ovens. It clears the outside grease and stubborn residue without damaging the color and finish of your Dutch oven.

Put cotton balls into your stinking garbage

Garbage stinks! You can’t just completely get rid of the smell but can reduce it to some extent.

Take some cotton balls, dip them in essential oils and drop them in the bin. By doing so, you will find it less stinky. The cotton balls, when dipped in essential oils, work as an odor-fighter. It is the cheapest way to get rid of the pungent smell of the garbage.

Use laundry basket to get rid of piles of clutter

The house looks messier when you have little piles of clutter everywhere. Here’s a hack to deal with it. Get a cheap laundry basket and dump the clutter into it. If you are in a rush and expecting some guests over, stash the basket out of sight. When you get time, just walk around with the basket and put things back where they belong. It is an excellent way to de-clutter.

Use flour to polish stainless-steel sink

Using flour to polish the stainless-steel sink is an excellent hack to make it shinier and look cleaner. Wash the sink the way you normally do and dry it, sprinkle some flour over and finally buff it. You will be surprised to see how sparkly it gets.

Use cooking spray to get clean bathrooms

Initially, you will find it weird, but trust us, it is the cheapest way to clean your bathrooms. It will clear the soap scum from your shower area and clean your faucets and glass surfaces effortlessly. Also, you can use it to get rid of the squeaking of your bathroom door.

Use chalk to clean your filthy garments

Did you know that chalk is an excellent stain stick? It is super absorbent and thereby can be used to clean soiled garments. All you need to do is cover the dirty spot with chalk and before dumping the dirty garment in the laundry, rub the spot with a detergent. Finally, wash it with hot water, and you will see the dirt gone.

Dry hand-washed dishes with a dishwasher

Skip the dishwasher. It takes too much of your counter space. Rather, use the empty racks for drying your hand-washed dishes. Your dishwasher has more capacity to hold plates than your regular dish rack. Now you can dry more dishes in a single go and save time watching your favorite TV show.

DIY pot scrubber

Do you remember those meshes that produce bags that you get from grocery stores? Well, don’t discard them. They can be excellent pot scrubbers. All you need to do is place an old sponge inside the mesh produce bag, close it with a zip tie and your DIY pot scrubber is ready to use.

Use mesh produce bags to wash small items

It is so annoying when you lose your small items in the dishwasher. Well, we have a hack to make this task easy for you. Gather all the little items like bottle caps, lids, and small containers. Put them all in a mesh laundry bag. This way, you can wash all your small items together at once without losing them.

Try baking soda to get rid of the stubborn coffee stains

Are you frustrated with the stubborn stains of your coffee mugs? Here’s a simple hack we have for you! Take some amount of baking soda, add it to your coffee mug, and pour some water to make a paste. Finally, scrub gently and rinse. You will get back the shine of your coffee mugs.

Use baking soda and lemon juice to banish sink odors

When you throw all the gross stuff in your drain, it is obvious that it will stink eventually. Try this hack to get rid of a smelly sink. Run hot water through the drain, then slowly pour some baking soda down. As a final step, pour lemon juice and wait for the chemical reaction.

A few years back, kitchen cleaning was considered a colossal task. But now it is just a matter of a few minutes. With the help of these easy hacks and simple kitchen cleaning products, you can now easily clean your cookhouse within a few minutes.

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