13 Funny animal names memes on the internet that are far better than the original!

Have you ever thought about where the animals’ names came from? Animals’ names have an ancient origin as the Greek and Latin names of animals often describe the characteristics that differentiate them from other species. For instance, if we break down hippopotamus into two words, hippo – horse and potamus – of the river, it means the horse of the river.

It is common knowledge that all the names of the animals around are globally recognized and well thought out, but what happens when you give the right to the internet to change the rules, what happens then?

Some brilliant minds came together and proposed hilarious gems as alternative names for animals that can easily be pronounced. This gallery is about showing what happens when millions of people join hands together to come up with alternative names for animals. Besides, check this 3-second read to get a summarized idea about these funny animal names.

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3 Seconds read!

  • Danger Zebra
  • Furry potato
  • Forest Corgi
  • Fart Squirrel
  • Sadeyes Von Gimme food
  • Pantless Thundergoose
  • Beach Chicken
  • Floppy Floppy Sea Spider
  • Dirty Needle
  • Magical Safety Dragon
  • Wobble Stick
  • Dragon Shrimp
  • Furry Nope

These are just funny animals’ names based on their distinctive characteristics.

Don’t skip the name on No. 4 and 6, as they are the most hilarious ones.

These are just alternative names; you can always search them with their original names as well.

10 Funny animal names meme

Scroll down to check out some hilarious animal names memes that are in so many ways better than the original ones!

Danger Zebra

If we hadn’t attached the picture, you wouldn’t have guessed this animal.

The white tiger, also called snow tiger, is given a new name, “Danger Zebra,”. This is maybe because of its looks which is similar to a zebra with the same black stripes.

Besides, did you know the scientific name of the snow tiger? It’s Panthera tigris. Now you might feel grateful to the folks who came up with this alternative name.

Furry potato

Can you guess the animal who got this name? It’s guinea pigs.

Undoubtedly, guinea pigs are one of the cutest and fluffiest animals in the Animal Kingdom. However, these tiny creatures have other names like a squeaky loaf, whistle tater, etc. However, we find Furry Potato the cutest of all which goes exactly with the looks!

We shouldn’t reveal its scientific name because it is not cool at all.

Forest Corgi

If you are a dog lover, you should get a Forest Corgi. Oh, you might be wondering what kind of dog it is, right? It is a small herding dog that possibly originated from the countryside of Wales, at least that’s what the sources say. They have short, powerful legs, big black eyes, a compact body, and big ears relative to the size of the body. Their scientific name is Canis Lupus.

Fart Squirrel

Alright, you might know this one already. Fart squirrel is the new name of skunks. They got this name due to their ability to spray a liquid with a strong, unpleasant scent – more like a fart. And you know what? These fart squirrels can be quite dangerous as they tend to carry rabies. So be careful if you’re planning to pet them. Their scientific name is quite complicated, which is Metaphitis Mephitis. Tough? Fart squirrel wins!

Sadeyes Von Gimme food

This sad eye dog meme is the best dog meme of all time. The way this dog looks at you through the picture will melt your heart. Dogs most of the time conveys their sadness with their eyes which makes us judge the sadness present inside them.

Pantless Thundergoose

 Pantless thunder goose is the new name of ostrich. The picture attached below will explain why they are named “pantless” thunder goose.

But before you mock their maiden name, you must know these birds are the only living animals of the Struthionidae family and are the largest flightless birds in the world.

Beach Chicken

We have seen a regular chicken, but what is beach chicken? It is the new name for seagull. Perhaps, they are named this because they are the rarest animal that drinks saltwater. Unlike other animals, they have special glands situated above the eyes to eliminate excess salts. Besides, they are pretty good at stealing chips at the beach.

Floppy Floppy Sea Spider

Floppy floppy sea spider is another name for octopus. It is one of the powerful animals in the sea with the ability to fit in jars and stuff. Did you know that octopuses have 9 brains? Yes, you heard it right. In addition to the central brain, all of its 8 arms bear a separate brain which helps them act independently.

 Interesting fact: They sometimes turn to an abnormal behavior called autophagy or consuming their arms. Well, nobody exactly knows the reason behind this.

Dirty Needle

This name perfectly fits this creature. We are talking about mosquitoes here. They are commonly known as dirty needles on the internet.

Interesting fact: They have been around since the Jurassic period, which makes them the oldest fly in the world. However, don’t go on their small size. They can be the deadliest fly you have ever seen.

Magical Safety Dragon

Magical safety dragon is the alternative name of the bearded dragon. On a positive note, its common name is no less funny. The tiny spikes around its neck got it the name of the bearded dragon.

Perhaps, they are named magical safety dragons because of the presence of a third eye. It alerts them to detect an attack from above.

Wobble Stick

Wobble stick is the name for praying mantis. Although both are hilarious names, the wobble stick feels more accurate on it.

Interesting fact: They can turn their small triangular face to 180 degrees to scan their surroundings for prey. 

Dragon Shrimp

Dragonfish is also known as crayfish. They say if you get too close to them, they go crazy. Also, we don’t know what that even means.

Interesting fact: These cousin lobsters can eat hot dogs and cat food. How cool is that, no?

Furry Nope

Furry Nope is the name for grizzly bears. It is famous for them that they give the best cozy hugs. You can try it if you never want to see the light of day again…

Don’t go on their giant size. Their primary diet comprises berries, nuts, and leaves.

These were the epic 13 funny animal names memes we came across on the internet. Some of these names are even better than the original ones. Please share this with your friends.

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