Crystal names & powers: Get the right one for you!

Are you a person who loves collecting crystals of different kinds? Well, after reading about what they are capable of, you will want to have one!

Crystal names have different meanings, and every crystal has different qualities. Precisely, they are extensively known for their healing properties. They induce positive energy and help your mind and body stay calm. It’s quite impressive, right? Who could have thought that such beautiful-looking crystals have much more to offer than just a pleasing sight?


Historically, crystals were known for their healing properties. Despite having no scientific evidence, several people use them for that purpose. The use of crystals as medicines was started centuries back by the Hindus and the Buddhists. Apparently, several people claim to be benefitted from crystals. In fact, it is said that to get the true experience, you must indulge in it with mindfulness and acceptance.

All these statements about crystals made us curious that we decided to explore their qualities. After taking notes from different sources, we have put together several crystal names, their meanings, and their powers. If you are excited to know, then keep on reading.

12 – Crystal names and their powers

Below we have listed the famous crystals that are used for healing and calming. Check them out one by one and discover the unique features of each of them.


Powers: Solidity and Courage

Location: Organo, Montana, Idaho, and Washington

This beautiful-looking stone has the ability to calm and strengthen both your mind and body. It stabilizes your inner emotions and works on your ability to see the difference between right and wrong. It eliminates the negative energy around you. It is said that this tone is especially used by people who are about to enter a new phase of life—for instance, entering a relationship or getting married. It is found almost everywhere in the US but most abundantly in Organo, Montana, Idaho, and Washington.

How it heals: It strengthens your mind and treats stress-related diseases like anxiety and depression. It improves your digestive system and treats skin conditions.


Powers: Relieves stress and induces creativity

Location: Bolivia

Ametrine has the powers of both Amethyst and Citrine. It works on achieving a balance between stress, emotional blockages, and anxiety. It creates a feeling of prosperity. It enables the body to remove toxins and promote creativity and consciousness. With the help of this, you can achieve greater focus during meditation.

How it heals: it has cleansing capabilities that treat problems from its core and fight anxiety, depression, and other stress-related conditions by spreading the feeling of optimism.


Powers: Promotes hope and intuition

Location: Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, and the US

The Amazonite stone, also called the stone of hope, is best known for its ability to induce hope and intuition. It filters out the information you get every day and stops negative thought cycles. Even in some cases, it breaks the Karmic patterns as well. Some people call it the stone of courage. It makes you take a stand for yourself and unveil new opportunities.

What it heals: It works on your nervous system and enables hope and intuition.


Powers: Promotes conscious awareness

Location: Peru

Angelite is known as the stone of awareness. The stone represents harmony and peace. According to some folks, It makes your connection with spirits and angels. Psychologically, this stone promotes truthful communication and self expression. Mentally, it enhances the power of understanding astrology and mathematics. It fastens the healing process and treats blood deficiencies.

What it heals: it helps people suffering from thyroids and parathyroids. It treats blood deficiencies and renews cells and tissues.

Aragonite Sputnik

Powers: It offers immense support and strength

Location: Bahamas

This beautiful brown color stone helps with acceptance and patience. It will make you take on responsibility and strengthen reliability. With this stone by your side, you will know how to combat stress, anxiety, and anger. It is known as the Earth Goddess. It is said that the stone possesses the earth’s energy and thereby helps you recharge and sustain yourself from every aspect.

What it heals: it helps with muscle and nerve cramps and treats bone-related problems.


Powers: It purifies body and soothes nervous tension

Location: Brazil

The blue color crystal is famous for its calming and soothing effect. It helps with meditation and relaxes the mind. The stone is said to be connected to the sea powers and brings you the purity of crystal blue waters. It gives you the same relaxation and calmness that you feel while sitting by the sea. It will enable you to trust and let distress go.

What it Heals: the stone is best known for treating sore throats. Moreover, it keeps the organs like the kidney, spleen, liver, and glands healthy.

Calcite Golden

Powers: it promotes leadership and confidence

Location: Australia

The Calcite golden crystal promotes leadership qualities and teaches the correct use of strength and power. It is worth having for those who want to make positive use of their power and build courage and confidence. Through this stone, one can work on their skills and talents as it helps to overcome hurdles in your path.

What it heals: it improves digestion and metabolism, removes toxins from organs, and strengthens joints and bones.

Desert Rose

Powers: It improves psychic abilities

Location: Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Tunisia, Morocco, and Afghanistan

The Desert Rose stone is said to vanish worries and work on mental clarity. The stone inspires its carriers to hold their ground and make every impossible task possible. It enhances team building and helps you to break the restrictions and follow your dreams. It enables you to learn your own body and have heart centered emotions and thoughts. It is said that this stone helps you experience the white gleam and get you help from the guardian angels.

What it Heals: it treats epilepsy, bone problems, soothes nervous tension, and improves flexibility by aligning the spinal cord.


Powers: it absorbs negativity and stress

Location: Mongolia, China, South Africa, Russia, and France

 The Fluoride stone is known for its power to absorb negative energies around you and balance them with positive ones. Precisely, it improves focus and understanding. This beautiful-looking stone is highly protective as it prevents you from negative outside influences. Be mindful that exposing this stone to chemicals can damage your bones severely and cause diseases like skeletal fluorosis.

What it heals: it fights against cold, flu and heals emotional traumas. Also, it will strengthen your bones and treat arthritis.

Moon Stone

Powers: it brings intuitiveness and insight

Location: Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, and Myanmar

The Moonstone is called the stone of new beginnings. The reason behind that is, the intuitiveness and insight it brings are helpful for a new beginning. The stone is said to be aligned with the energy of the moon. It is capable of channeling your feminine side and balances your emotions, and reduces stress. It works on psychic abilities and helps you do self-analysis.

What it heals: it relieves stress and anxiety. Precisely, it is helpful in solving female problems and improves the working of the digestive system and reproductive organs:

Pyrite Cube

Powers: it provides protection against negative energy and pollutants

Location: Peru

The Pyrite Cube stone is valued for its unmatchable protection. It acts as a shield for its wearer and repels the negative energy around along with the environmental pollutants and physical dangers. These qualities make this stone helpful for promoting well-being. It nourishes your mind and improves your intellect. It strengthens your emotional body to improve your outlook on the world and life.

What it heals: it relieves frustration and stress, improves blood circulation, digestion, and brain functioning.

Rose Quartz

Powers: it purifies heart

Location: Brazil, South Africa, Germany, and India

The Rose Quartz is known for promoting love, compassion, and forgiveness. It helps to keep relationships healthy and teaches the true meaning of love. It allows its wearers to express their emotions confidently. It makes you sensitive towards your own feelings and induces empathy for others. It heals you from the inside to improve self trust and self confidence. Some people say this stone can help you be together with your love and allows you to live a happy life.

What it heals: it strengthens hearts and blood circulation. It helps with infertility, respiratory problems, and releases toxins, and enhances fertility.

Some people firmly believe in the power of crystals. Thereby, they wear them religiously. Those who are skeptical about the powers of crystals should know that they won’t harm you if they don’t bring any good to you.

They lack scientific evidence to prove their healing powers, but still, people find them helpful and claim them effective in treating various problems. And if you don’t believe in their healing powers, you can use them for jewelry and decoration purposes. Either you use them as an ornament or a healer, they will surely be a valuable addition to your life. 

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