11 Most funny first and last names clean

You only get one chance to make a first impression and if that goes well then it will work as a lasting blessing for you. But what makes the first impression good or bad? It’s your name!

When the child is born, parents invest themselves heavily in finding an appropriate name for their child but not every parent makes good choices in names. Some parents make bizarre choices, which make their kids scratch their heads.

How unlucky is it for a child to have a funny first name when they already have a weird surname? Would you name your son Bacon, or Whet? Knowing that his surname is Faartz? You definitely won’t! Such funny names break everyone around you into a fit of laughter.

When you will see our gathered list of funny first and last names clean, then you will know that common sense does not prevail every time. And it’s terrible! Especially when your name is Dicksmasher or Chris. P Bacon. Besides, these poor guys must be using pseudo names to escape the embarrassment or from being nominated in the world’s funniest names list.

But they won’t mind being a part of our funny first and last names clean list? Or maybe they will? Let’s decide on that later!

Crystal Metheny

The girl with this unusual name lives in Polk County, Florida. Like her unfortunate name, she was not arrested for any drug dealing but for shooting a missile into a vehicle. Poor girl! Maybe she should try some different names.

Edward Cocaine

With this surname, we doubt how he had been traveling offshores so far? Edward is from Florida and declared not guilty of drug smuggling. His grandparents gave him the name Cocaine when they were moving from Greece to the US.

Heath Cockburn

Yes, we are not kidding, it’s a real-life name! And the first time we heard this name our reactions were exactly like yours. Besides, what his grandparents must be thinking when they know their generation must live with this surname. It sucks!

Woody Held

What a perfect name to call someone with this name to a forest adventure. Why would someone’s parents give them such a name when they already have a weird surname? No?


Numbers in the name are quite unpopular except if it belongs to a royal family. The person lives in the Philippines and his name created a buzz when he passed his finals. He has 2 siblings with the same unusual names i.e. Spaghetti 88 and Macaroni 85.

Marijuana Pepsi Jackson

Some names sound like they were decided during a wild party. But before we go further with this name, Marijuana is an educational professional and a Ph.D. holder.  She also did her thesis in the US on uncommon black names.


You must be wondering how to pronounce it right?  The parents of the baby girl thought it would be cool to replace the “ait” of Kaitlyn with roman VIII. Thereby, they came up with this name as the regular 8 would not make it this unique to appear here.

Tokyo Sexwale

Although the name draws pictures of the Japanese red district in our minds, the person is anything but a nudnik. Besides, he is a close friend of Nelson Mandela and an important Anti-Apartheid figure in South Africa. As a young boy, Tokyo took Karate as a sport that’s why his parent, Mosima and Gabriel Sexwale came up with this name.

Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop

The name sounds like beatbox song lyrics, though it is contradicting the person’s personality. He seems to have a good criminal history as he assaulted an officer in 2016 despite getting shot previously. Moreover, he was also arrested for illegal drug and weapons dealing.

He changed his name to Jeffrey Wilschke before embarking on his crime journey. Well, he should have picked a less weird name.

Mike Litoris

He is some homeowner, but it feels like he owns A LOT more than just a home.

Destinee Hooker

She must be popular among the boys in her school.

These are the top few funny names, but some unfortunate ones were too embarrassed to wear such names that they went through all the legalities to change it while some people embraced what they had been given by their parents and stood proud with that. They have a heart of gold as they value their names as a legacy and want to continue with them. Certainly, they are strong, fortunate people who don’t fear public shaming.

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