11 funny brain teasers with answers: Riddles that will leave you puzzled

Being in school while having fun riddle sessions with your friends is a great boredom-buster solution. However, if you wish to read funny brain teasers with answers, then we have got you covered.

Indeed, solving a brain teaser feels no less than putting jigsaw puzzle pieces together. Although, some of the riddles feel like an uphill task to solve, others are as easy as ABC. But this depends more on how hard and simple riddles you chose to solve.

Everyone enjoys these fun brain teasers. The kids tend to hunt for creative ideas to play with. You can get them to answer your selected brain teaser questions. In this article, we have enlisted some funny riddles.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the funny brain teasers with answers.

Riddle # 1

What can only be noticed twice every minute, once every thousand years, and once every minute?

This riddle sounds a bit tricky, but are you able to guess it? Any guesses?

The answer is simple: the letter “M.”

Riddle # 2

I began by discarding the exterior and cooking the inside. After that, I ate the outside and tossed the inside. So, what did I have for dinner?

Did you figure out what this girl had for dinner? You might be perplexed, but it isn’t much hard to comprehend.

The answer is: a cob of corn

Riddle # 3

You’re in a room, and it’s almost dark. You just have a single match on you. Is it the lantern, the newspaper, the fire, or the candle, that you will light initially?

It must be really scary to stay in this dark room.

We hope that you know the answer to this funny riddle. The answer is obvious. You will light the match first rather than any other object present in the room.

Riddle # 4

There are twelve months in a year and thirty-one days in seven months. But which are those months in a year that have twenty-eight days?

This riddle seems tricky, but the answer is quite simple. All of the months have 28 days, including February. You must have scratched your head for a moment.

So, the correct answer is: All of them have 28 days.

Riddle # 5

I do not have any special powers, but I can predict the score of any football game before it begins. How can I do this?

You can simplify this puzzle if you are a crazy fan of football. The answer is: before every football match, the score is 0-0.

Riddle # 6

You feel compelled to share me as soon as you own me. But sadly, you don’t get me if you share me. 

No, we aren’t talking about chocolate here. It’s something that we can’t eat. The answer will leave you in surprise.

The answer is: a secret

Riddle # 7

What was the tallest peak on the planet before Mount Everest was revealed?

This one is a bit hilarious and you better not see the right statement before guessing it,

The answer is: Mount Everest was always the tallest peak on the planet. It is just that scientists were not able to discover it back then.

Riddle # 8

You’re in control of a public bus. Initially, 6 women enter at the 1st stop. At the 2nd stop, 3 women exit, and another enters. Afterwards, 4 children board at the third station.  It’s October, and it’s pouring outside, and the bus is light blue.  What shade is the hair of the bus driver?

If you are unable to solve this riddle, then you aren’t using your brain much.

The answer is: the same hair color as yours, after all, you are the incharge of the bus!

Riddle # 9

Which object can carry water while being full of holes?

This one is quite easy to answer: a sponge.

Riddle # 10:

Imagine you’re on a cruise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Unexpectedly, you find yourself encircled by huge sharks, prepared to swallow you. What would you do, to put a stop to this?

The answer is quite funny. You will just stop imagining.

Riddle # 11:

In the midst of nowhere, a woman was standing in the rain without a hat or an umbrella. She was soaked over and through, but not a strand of hair on her head was damp. How can this be possible?

The answer to this particular riddle is: the woman was bald.

Indeed, this thought might have compelled you to laugh out loud.

Be it about jamming with friends or testing your intelligence, riddles help keep your brain active. In this article, we have included some funny brain teasers with answers. If you know about any other riddles that we have not included in this article, you can share it in the comments section.

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