10 things you never know about Harry Potter

Harry Potter even as a fictional character might have an expiration date since he is a human. But it seems that there is no expiration date to the entertainment it provides to its readers and viewers.

There is no denying that this ageless masterpiece is amassing love even after a decade has passed since its last movie was released.

Here are ten details that will satiate your curiosity about the world of Harry Potter.

Dementors represent depression

Which are the darkest creatures of the wizarding world? Surely, there is no answer other than Dementors. Why are they so evil? Or more precisely what quality makes them so demonic? The answer lies in their power to suck souls.

Can you see the connection between these magical creatures and a muggle world creature? Yes, I am talking about the disease of depression.

Depression eats up one’s soul just as a Dementor does. It eats away all your hopes and positive memories and feeds you an unwavering emotional state of despair.

When Rowling decided to include this creature in her series, depression made the most accurate description of their strengths.

Homework scenes were real

At the sets of Harry Potter, young actors were encouraged to complete their ‘real-life’ homework in homework scenes in dormitories and common rooms. This practice made the scene more real without compromising on students’ learning time.

They also submitted this homework on parchments to their real-life teachers!

Just imagine!

Main roles had to be British only

One strange rule that was followed by the casting crew was the British-only criterion. To fulfill this rule, the actor should’ve come from British background only if they are auditioning for any of the main roles.

Robin Williams could bag the role of Hagrid only on the basis of this rule. But we aren’t complaining.

Potion making needs wandwork

For wizards, potions act in the similar manner as the medicine does for muggles. Yet, potion making takes a lot more than mixing ingredients.

It’s a magical science (no surprise here); so, needs a wand to actually develop the intended properties. 

Harry and Voldemort are blood relatives

I am not talking about the magical connection between the two that came from the deathly curse Harry received from the Dark Lord in toddlerhood. I am talking about their blood ties.

Unsurprisingly, all pureblood magical families have blood ties among each other. So, it’s no surprise that Potters and Gaunts were somehow connected.

But the connection between them was deeper than what it was for most families. Both these rivals were descendants of the Peverell brothers.

Lupin was sacrificed to save Arthur

Rowling came up with the tragedy of Lupin’s death to save Arthur’s neck. We would’ve loved to see Teddy Lupin to have grown with his father. 

Harry ‘forgets’ Parseltongue

Harry never inherited Parseltongue – an ability to talk to snakes and serpents. This language was a genetic gift for the direct descendants of Salazar Slytherin.

The only reason for which Harry could understand and speak this language was that he was a human Horcrux of the Dark Lord. Harry later lost his ability when Voldemort destroyed his Horcrux.

Wizard children couldn’t join traditional education

Wizard children were misfits in the muggle world. They didn’t know about the currency, had no understanding of machines, and were too weird in dressing and mannerism.

On top of all these qualities, they were also sometimes unable to keep their magic within themselves thus compromising on the International Statute of Secrecy, which binds wizarding families.

All these facts about them made their parents hide them from the eyes of the general public and out of the traditional school system.

Magic doesn’t depend on wands

The author has made quite a case of Harry doing magic even before he was admitted to Hogwarts. I am talking about a time when Harry didn’t even have a wand to hold and use.

The manifestation of magic before eleven years of age shows that magic is related to the witch or wizard and not the wand they hold.

Still, the power of the wand to accentuate its master’s magical power cannot be denied.

The world has eleven wizarding schools in total

We all thought that Hogwarts was the only school of witchcraft and wizardry when Harry got admitted in it. It was not until the fourth novel in the series that we realized there were more schools of the same kind.

Although Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire details three wizarding schools, it mentions there are still others. In the Harry Potter world, there are eleven wizarding schools that impart the knowledge of magic and its uses.

So, if you haven’t received your Hogwarts letter yet, why don’t you apply to other options?

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