Blast from the Past: 10 amazing Celebrity historical doppelganger that shocked the world

Everybody has 9 lookalikes in this world! but not all 9 need to be born at the same time or cross paths with each other during their time on planet earth!

From time to time pictures emerge of different celebrity historical doppelgangers, which just awestruck the world with the astonishing similarity. According to old legends, people with similar faces might live in different parts of the world without knowing about their doppelganger ever!!!

C’mon, who wouldn’t like to see their doppelganger living somewhere in the world or have been spotted in the past? And it gets more interesting if the person in question is a well-known person or a celebrity! We came up with interesting celebrity historical doppelganger pictures which will cause you to drop your jaws due to the level of similarity between them.

Have a look at these people who have incredible similarities with celebrities of today. Believe it or not but people like Donald Trump, Jay Z, and even Justin Timberlake all had their similar counterparts in the 1800s and they were found just by accident!

Let’s have a look at these photos and digest the similarities like we are doing!

Chuck Norris and Painter Vincent van Gogh

Who doesn’t know the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh of the 18th century? His painting “starry night” is still one of the most famous art pieces in the world. The stark resemblance between the painter and famous actor Chuck Norris was seen when a self-portrait of van Gogh emerged in the public light. Anyways, the painting creeped out the living life of Norris and he said he endured many sleepless nights after looking at the painting

Turkish revolutionist Mahir Cayan and Jimmy Fallon

Who doesn’t love Jimmy Fallon? The comedian is loved by all and is famous for his show but when people discovered his doppelganger – it was a blast from the past. Ironically, famous Turkish politician Mahir Cayan looks like a black and white version of Fallon sporting a mustache. Both are splitting images of each other. Fallon has no hereditary connection with Cayan who was killed by soldiers in 1972.

Donald Trump and WW2 General George Patton

Admit it! You started despising General George Patton as soon as you saw the stark resemblance between the two. Didn’t you? Well, the great American general who is considered to be a World War 2 hero was born way before Trump but was as adamant about his decisions as Trump is. Trump’s obsession with World War 2 generals made him make this great discovery and since then his admiration has only increased. The resemblance is so uncanny that sometimes it seems like Trump is an incarnation of general Patton.

Jack Black and Opera Musician; Barber of Seville

The amazing tune of Rossini – the maestro who created Rossini which reincarnated life into opera, Barber of Seville resembles so much with Jack Black and Jack Black LOVES it.

Jack Black considers it an honor to be matched with the great musician. Jack Black who found his niche in music after acting in the school of rock, is a rock star himself. A famous Hollywood actor, he thinks the Barber of Seville and him did have some resemblance here and there which makes him proud.

Jon Stewart and American Reformer, Henry Ward Beecher

Henry is a renowned American social reformer who died in 1887, way back than Jon Stewart was even born. He was one of the first Americans who spoke about slavery and started shaping society. Jon Stewart is revolutionizing the lives of Americans now by his extraordinary late-night show.

Looks like Jon Stewart is a time traveler when his pictures are placed next to Henry Ward Beecher. It seems like both pictures belong to the same person. See for yourself and judge!

Alec Baldwin and the 13th President of America; Millard Fillmore

WOW!!! Alec Baldwin and the 13th president of the United States of America, Millard Fillmore. Can you see the resemblance? It is too hard to ignore it. Perhaps Millard is one of the ancestors of Alec but that is entirely a different story. This is so fascinating. There must be some deep mysterious history behind this resemblance which is astounding. Alec Baldwin is loved by all and projects typical American looks of blonde hair and colored eyes. Millard Fillmore was a good-looking man as well – this does seem like a blast from the past!

Rupert Grint and British Painter, Sir David Willkie

Actor Rupert Grint who is famously known for his character Ron Weasley played in the movie series Harry Potter also found his celebrity historical doppelganger. The famous painter Sir David Willkie. Sir David Willkie was a famous British painter who was born in 1785 and was known for painting portraits of the royal family. Both of them look so similar when brought together in one frame.

Rupert does have that aura attached to his face and outlook that exuberates royalty or somewhat connection with the past.

Hugh Grant and Author Oscar Wilde

How is it possible to classify these pictures as two different people? They both look so similar we can’t distinguish who is Oscar Wilde and who is Hugh grant.

The famous author looks like a reincarnated Hollywood actor who is best known for romantic roles in “Notting hills” and “Bridget Jones Diary”. Oscar Wilde defined the shape of English literature and is one of the most profound authors of the English language. His play the importance of being earnest granted him accolades across the globe.

Just look at the pictures and admire their handsome looks!

Tommy Lee Jones and the 17th president of America; Andrew Johnson

If ever a biopic is supposed to be made on the life of the 17th president of the United States of America; Andrew Johnson, then Tommy Lee Jones will be the perfect choice to do the lead role. The resemblance is so surreal that nobody will be able to find any difference between the two. Frankly, Tommy Lee could easily get away with the tale of time traveling if he ever tried to because of his stark resemblance with the 1808 born former president of America.

Ellen DeGeneres and the talented Henry David Thoreau

Ellen DeGeneres is the clone of Henry David Thoreau- PERIOD! Look at them and spot a difference! Can you? Cause we surely can’t! They look like clones of each other in different eras. Both extremely talented but worlds apart and time apart too.

So, did you enjoy this photo gallery we compiled of celebrity historical doppelgänger? Let us know which one was your favorite.

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