The most hilarious Alpaca haircuts that are most stylish than yours and give you serious hair envy!

There’s no doubt if there was a prize for the most stylish animal species in the world, definitely, the crown would be taken by alpacas. Although we are told that animals cannot be good-looking/handsome but this is not the case in Alpacas. We have abstract proof in the form of some hilarious alpaca haircuts, to show you how cleverly we’ve been lied to for many years. Before we explore their cuteness, let’s introduce you to alpacas and where they reside.

Alpaca – A Camelidae Family Member

The alpacas are soft, gentle, and cute South American animals in the family of the camelid that pretty much resembles an ilama with a smaller stature. They are occasionally confused with each other because of their similar looks and structure. But they are different species, with alpacas being shorter/smaller than llamas, something that you can use to tell them apart.

Alpaca as a species look smaller, chunkier and a more furry version of camels. They weigh something in between 50-70 kgs, much of that weight due to their shaggy hair. Due to their fluffy hairs, they are used for fleece production. Once an alpaca gets a haircut, the hair is used to make a different assortment of products including sweaters, socks, and blankets.

So yes, there is more purpose to their hair other than making them look really good. They are also varied in colors but stay neutral from whites, browns, and a little bit of black. Alpacas usually reside in mountainous areas or cold area that complements their hairy bodies.

Check out some of the alpaca’s pictures which will make you fall in love with them and give you hair envy! Proceed with caution as something very cute and fluffy is coming your way!

No that’s not a stuffed toy

You cannot simply look at the above picture of the alpaca probably on its way to impress alpaca ladies with its dope hairstyle. We just want to emphasize how much men can learn about haircuts from them. 

The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas brothers reunion is looking admirable. Right? This is simply the cutest hairstyle you would have ever come across in an animal. Let it settle around you and change your mind. Look at how they are complementing each other, just standing there in the most perfect setup, positions that could not be improved if you tried. A perfect alpaca photo of some perfect alpaca haircuts.

 A fashion icon

Have you ever seen someone pull off the side bangs/fringe haircut this perfectly? You don’t have to answer, that was a rhetorical question. You have not. We know. The little smile peeking out of its mouth shows he’s aware of how good he looks!

 Is it too late to change the doe-eyed simile to alpaca-eyed?

Look at the sparkle in his eyes! The haircut? Immaculate. There is just nothing you could criticize, or point out that could be wrong. If you ever feel sad, then do visit here again as it will brighten your day and let you forget about the problems. It would be in the top 10 pictures that have the aura of calming your jittery nerves. Who knows, someone might feel better because of us no – the alpaca.

Ready for those summer fashion walks

Why pay hundreds of dollars to go watch some half-baked fashion walk when you could just watch pictures like these? The internet is free. We know the argument was about haircuts, but what even accounts for haircuts when your entire body is this fluffy. But the above alpaca is handsome right? We are not just seeing things. It looks ready and pumped to have a hot girl summer, as the kids call it these days.

Nature does hair-do too?

We don’t think Darwin would have a theory of evolution if the man knew nature could do your hair like this in the early stages of humankind. And do you see the eyelashes, they are directly in competition with that doe-eyed alpaca above in the list. Regardless, good-looking, charming even. Hence proved.

‘I’ve seen enough, draw the bang curtains’

Everyone has their definition of being handsome and we didn’t want to exclude anyone. So what if you cannot see anything right in front of you, so long as you look like this. No regrets, the alpaca seems to say.

Celebrities have looked less stylish on red carpets

Look this picture right in the eye and tell us this is not one handsome alpaca species. That’s right, you can’t. Who knew beige and brown could look this great together. This alpaca is giving us some major ‘have confidence in yourself’ vibes, and we’re here for it.

When you and your best friend get matching haircuts

Life is adventurous when you let your hair grow out a little. Take inspiration from these besties. The gravitas is almost making us contemplate that. They look so proud together as a couple of best friends, living in nature, minding their own business, looking pretty. The dream of every person.

Not a stuffed toy x2

Alpaca or ball of fluff? We thought it might be best to end how we started, with a stuffed-toy impersonator. He looks like he is trying to act tough, but only ended up looking even more adorable with that added coat of grown hair.

Hope we can rest our case knowing someone somewhere is thinking about how they wish they looked as good in real life as these alpaca haircuts do.

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