We found 10 of the coolest Geometric Tattoos- Here you go!

Whether you want to get a tattoo for aesthetic purposes, or to denote the significance of any individual, belief, or event in your life; the importance of choosing the right design cannot be undermined. Geometric tattoos, in particular, have a history of religious, cultural and spiritual connotations. However, in modern times they are considered to be a symbol of fashion and style.

The idea of every geometric tattoo revolves around a mathematical shape which can then be elaborated or customized to create a beautiful pattern. One advantage of choosing such a design is that it usually turns out to be exactly as anticipated because the patterns are predictable, and the dimensions can be easily calculated by the artist, resulting in a balanced and consistent design. Yet, there is so much room for creativity ranging from schematics to minimalistic linear designs.

Even though the tattoo holder may have a particular meaning for the design one carries, viewers can interpret these geometric patterns quite differently, thus adding an element of mystery and uniqueness.

There is such a huge variety of geometric designs available all over the internet that one may get confused or even irritated while trying to choose the best fit for themselves.

We will enlist some of the coolest geometric tattoo designs that may help you make a choice.

The Geometric Sundial

This unique design summarizes a person`s composed, punctual and mature personality while simultaneously giving a fairy-tale like vibe. The sundial represents timekeeping which is more important than ever in today`s fast-paced world. Its association with sunlight may also reflect positivity, while it may hold a completely different meaning for others due to its Roman and Greek history. The room for imagination this design allows is one of the reasons it is at the top of the list of the coolest designs.

The Bird Lover

The image above, depicts the deal tattoo for a bird lover. It perfectly merges the triangle shape with the image of a Flamingo and dotted circular patterns. The shading further gives it a realistic effect, resulting in a subtle and aesthetically pleasing design.

The Colorful Dodecahedron

Developed with 12 regular pentagons, the dodecahedron in itself is an interesting and complicated shape. It is also a symbol of the universe. Thus, this seemingly simple geometric tattoo might represent energy and complexity, whereas, the color theory may add an additional meaning. It can also serve as a symbol of style and uniqueness for those who are looking for a design without floral or physical elements in it.

Geometric Lion Tattoo

Whether you have recently acquired a position of power, or want to boost your self-confidence by reminding yourself of your worth and capability, a lion tattoo is the best choice for you. However, a geometric lion tattoo may add further style. The color and symmetry add to the aesthetic appeal, and we find it perfect for a daring image.

The Nature Lover

If you are looking for something simple and close to nature, this design is for you. This tattoo perfectly depicts calmness, peace and quietness through simple shapes and use of a single color.

Geometric Waves

According to the science of tattoo art, waves usually depict a major change or life event. However, as mentioned earlier, geometric tattoos can have different interpretations for different people. Whether you want to get this design to show your calm nature, or your rushed personality- it can serve both purposes.

The Wrist Band

Is it a tattoo or a bracelet? Let people wonder and mesmerize them with your style.

The Wanderlust

If you love travelling and geometric tattoos, then this world map might be the best motivation for you to get that needle through your skin.

The Hour Glass

Just like the sundial, the hour glass is a perfect reminder of the history. It also depicts the importance of time in one`s life. It has an interesting visual appeal.

The Geometric Flower Tattoo

Our geometric tattoo collection would definitely have been incomplete without adding a floral design. Geometric flowers not only look different from the traditional floral designs, but also add a more realistic effect.

You will probably find hundreds of other geometric tattoo designs online, but the ones included in this article, were our absolute favorites. We hope that you like them as well.

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