10 actors who almost Quit before their breakthroughs

Try, try, and try again – success will come your way. We have heard this phrase many times, but often ignore its actual meaning. Following are the actors that were about to give up on their dreams and move towards other professions just before landing those roles that made them famous overnight.

Check out the amazing list of actors who set an example that one should never quit trying.

John Krasinski

This man with the most expressive eyebrows in the world was about to quit show business. He tried his luck in NYC and after landing no good role, he told his mother that he will soon quit. His mother convinced him to try a little more and voila! Three weeks later he got a breakthrough with “The Office.”

Kristen Stewart

Like other aspiring young actors, Kristen Stewart also travelled a lot throughout Los Angeles with her mother to give numerous exhausting and disappointing auditions. In 2008, she was ready to say goodbye to the tiring experience when she landed the lead role in the Twilight series.

Melissa McCarthy

In her 20s, Melissa was already doing two jobs and also trying her luck in Hollywood. She promised herself that if she didn’t get famous by 30, she would let go of her Hollywood dream for good. The week when she was going to turn 30, she was hired for her first big role on the Gilmore Girls.

Joe Pesci

After turning 36, this legendary actor stopped trying to land a big role and was managing his eatery in the Bronx. Then Robert De Niro called him, asking him to join the Raging Bull cast. He first thought: ‘it’s just a prank call’ as everyone those days was impersonating Robert De Niro. However, it turned out to be a call that changed his life and made him a movie legend.

Henry Cavill

The career of Henry Cavill gained momentum from an audition that he failed. He auditioned for the lead in Casino Royale. Though he didn’t land that role but the casting director got impressed by him and soon he was known as the latest beefcake on the block. Henry was thinking to stop auditioning and joining the Army but he got cast as Superman.

Jon Hamm

Jon initially taught drama in a high school while trying his luck in movies. By the age of 36, his acting career had still not taken off. He became adamant that it won’t work out and maybe he should be teaching children full time. That was when the creators of Mad Men contacted him for the Don Draper role that he was perfect for.

Jane Lynch

She had an average career being a commercial and stage actor and was going to retire after turning 40 years old. It was the Frosted Flakes advertisement she did that caught the attention of Christopher Guest and she was cast in The Best In Show.

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot was trying very hard to land her dream role, but all she got was supporting roles in famous movies like Fast & Furious, which overshadowed her as an actor. She was about to join law school and go back to her country before she was cast as the phenomenal Wonder Woman.

Millie Bobby Brown

At the age of 8, Millie convinced her family to move to Florida from England. Say what? However, such a tender age and no acting training didn’t let her land any breakthrough role for 5 years. Her family was ready to shift back to England when she got the call for Stranger Things.

Robert Pattinson

Though Robert did quite a few screen appearances in his teenage, he was still unrecognized for his immense talent. After going to many auditions and being neglected, he decided that he won’t further torture himself. It was then, he was contacted for the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga. This role globally became a phenomenon and he turned into a heartthrob.

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